Can you not yawn at me?

What is it with people sending yawn emotes? Especially when said player has a huge advantage over you in boost amounts. Like its not our fault we are competing at your level of spending. And for me just now… well I use a random team. Just because you beat me with your all maxxed boosted thoradolosaur, thicc maxima, and over-boosted crutch procerat. I don’t think that gives you a right to yawn at me through the match. This is much harder to win with than my usual team.

Why are people yawning at me for trying this team out?? I just want to have fun and I’m hanging in there, so stop!



There are people who will yawn no matter what you do… for the reason of reactions like this. They do it to get under your skin… it divides your attention as your wondering why they are yawning. If your opponent using emotes bothers you disable them because as long as they are in the game people will use them to get under their opponents skin.


If I am on the higher boosts/level side then my enemy then I always cheer them but if I am facing a highly boosted player then I send Yawning all the time (like spamming); and I keep doing this. Unless they cheer me up.

For me its not yawning but saying shame shame :slight_smile:

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Same exact use for me. When a player has a bunch of tier 30 boosted dinos. I’m truly bored so a yawn sign makes sense.

But if a player is using something different or trying to be different. Or less fortunate in levels. I don’t yawn at them. I tell them nice or good luck.

The way some players behave is very childish though.


It doesn’t bother me much (though for some it does) for me its except that I use some of my time thinking how lame can one get? Wow, congrats you beat my rex g2 lvl 26 with your tier 30 lvl 30 all maxxed procerat. You must feel accomplished xD then I’m like geez even thinking about this is a waste of time heh.

So I wonder why? If that is why that’s hilarious xD

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Think about this for a minute. A brand new player who starts today has a chance of beating my rex g2 with an all maxxed boosted procerat. So if the point is to cause distraction it doesn’t work.

I think this is a sign that players are not using as a tactic. But to feel good about themselves. Again someone who never played this game before could win that match up by pressing buttons lol.

So that point could be made within real battle scenarios but this match up there’s no need for distraction there’s a 100% chance you win. It’s a taunt to make one feel better about themselves. And meanwhile trying to scrutinize an opponent.

Now. It does not play that effect on me since I’m using completely underdog dinos all it can do is make me laugh at how low someone can go.

Lol yawn at me? When you have creatures that literally everyone has. Haha it’s pretty hilarious. Nobody can defend it it’s happened multiple times.

Some of them I put my real team in and 3-0’d real quick. Some of them escaped. I’m going to yawn my way back up since the majority is bleep bags.

I find the emoticons create a toxic environment. Usually i keep.quiet because i dun wanna contribute the the poison. Unless someone says Well Played in a proper manner.


Why do you care? Just switch it off. Emotes are dumb.


If I saw anyone pull out a random dino such as a rex g2 in this case I’m legit letting them win. Now I don’t want anyone to do that to me. However, being yawned at when trying new things isn’t cool. Just beat my team in a humble fashion.

Quite a bit of players find it essential to brag even when it’s a joke they feel like they’re serious business xD

I did refund the favor on two players by swapping in the rest of my real team and handing them a 3-0 with a yawn (once I saw the name lol).

But seriously why would they yawn I’d trip out if I saw a rex g2 instead of a tier 30 all maxxed Thoradolosaur for once. Personally I’d find it hilarious and spam them with nice. For once I didn’t guess what dino was coming out which I’m like 90% on guessing right atm lol.


Well I don’t really care. See I’m using a fun team lol. And I can 3-0 the players currently doing it with my real team. But it’s an experiment. Are players really using them correctly? And my take is no. We give players too much credit and perhaps these emotes are cancerous.

Sorry lydia you tried to add something fun. But we cannot handle it. So it should be gone lol. Not all players no how to turn it off. It should be in options turn off. Not in game. Like blood options to just turn off imo.

I never yawn at people. Its kinda insulting. If I see a weird creature, usually i quickly dispatch it and continue my day. Lost many a battle figuring out how to beat a lvl 30 odd creature (Dsugaia, Mammotherium, Secondont, etc…)


To me if its odd creature then all good.

If its overly boosted then I do yawn (for reason mentioned above)

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Just switch off the emotes. It’ll save a lot of problems.

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That is good of you, really that’s how you should do it. Unfortunately from my experience for this week so far says that most players are using them in a bad way. There is times when an emote is cool or good. Like oops, to tell a player that’s where you actually went wrong in the match.

But yawning and spamming thanks is more like saying something else and it isn’t healthy for players choice imo.

Maybe if they were like classic mortal kombat games when the announcer would say “whoopsie” when the match knows you got hurt bad. But a spam fest of yawns and thanks and thumbs up is ehh. It’s silly.

See now I’m not raging about this because it’s an experiment team. Just observing things and actions while knowing I can destroy the team with my real team. So it’s not a hostile or enraged view. I see it for what it really can be.

If someone yawns at you then respond with tears or something, who cares :slight_smile:
I personally yawn when I see a speed boosted Thor or when someone still uses rat.
Other cases when people let me kill 2 unboosted dinos and then bring out their uber monster that destroys everything with 1 hit. That deserves a yawn.
If someone yawns at you for using dinos they are not used to, then just think of them as pathetic.


You know what’s funny, I actually was yawning as I pulled up the forums and this was the first thing on there and I was like uhhhhhhhhhhh :joy:


Someone yawned through the whole match at me, so at the end when I won, I sent them a yawn back.

I only use the yawn emote at over boosted Thors or Rats (both).

I get yawned at more than I use it. I just roll my eyes and get on with my battle.

Arena feels even more toxic now than a few months ago, I blame boosts being sold every single day and the addition of emotes. Its finally gotten to a point where I’m struggling to stay in Library because I can’t keep up with boosts. sigh

Its not that huge of a deal so long as I stay above 4500, but still rather annoying. Arena has gotten back to how it was with boosts 1.0, 24-25s beating 28+ because they’re boosted more.

sad trombone


Shut chat down. I did, drove me nuts
Besides: it’s distracting a lot as well. Love the peace and quiet :blush:


I thought you shut the forum down too :wink:
Welcome back!