Can you not yawn at me?

Typical Ludia logic: “We do not support nor encourage a toxic atmosphere. We will ban users from the forums or in game chat that are toxic. But, here… have a yawn emoji to taunt your opponent with!”


It’s an emoji. It doesn’t qualify for being toxic. It’s people who let it get to their heads who deserve a wake up slap.

They make sounds? Cool

How can you blame Ludia for making a system that players abuse?
I mean… this emoji discussion is a byproduct of the unfair new boost system.
We are just seeing this people, that feel entitled to win thanks to the money they have spent, just bragging about their superiority,

Since we don’t have any matchmaking to make things fair… and since a TON of people are taking the easy way and crutching on 4/5 max build dinos alongside 3-4 fodder dinos with swap abilities, rend or counters… what did we expect?
It’s maddening when you are getting crushed by the typical guy with zero skill that just put a ton of boosts in three dinos that he was lucky enough to draw against you answering your yawns with their own.
Or this kind of player getting lucky (as if they needed RNG by their side) and then sending a thumbs up.

So… yeah, emojis are not the problem by far.
The people choosing how to play this new PTW system this way are.
For real… you see a ton of top players doing the “ludia take out boosts” doing this exact thing that is just making our game a worse nightmare…
And there is an alternative, I’m a free-to-play guy that is top 300, running a equally and balanced boosted team, because I believe in my skill and my choices as a player.
I’m not as good as my luck in the draw, I’m better.


Maybe they’re yawning because they’re tired as they have to work 3 jobs to pay back their boost debt? xD


You aren’t wrong, but I believe the context of my statement is correct.

For further evidence of my stance I submit this comment:




  1. a remark made in order to anger, wound, or provoke someone.

So Ludia has in fact promoted in game “bullying”.


Taunting in a game is not bullying.

Disagree. By definition, it actually is bullying.




gerund or present participle: bullying

  1. seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).

Taunting is not intimidating.
Please stop throwing the vocabulary at me :slight_smile:
It’s just an emote in a game. If you feel intimidated or bullied by it, switch it off. That’s the difference with bullying, that you can’t easily get rid of.


I am Yawning on everyone who is much overpowered than me (much boost and more then 5 level dinos), or kill everything I have only with disgusting Indo gen2. Am just switching my dinos at last second in round countdown and to make battle for oponent longest I can and spawn Yawn :smiley:

Bullying may be a term too strong.
But they are indeed gloating and laughing at you… because they paid and you didn’t.

Then you ask yourself where this “eat the rich” thing comes from…


‘eat the rich’ lol doesn’t that old saying deal with servants being treated inhumane by their masters… seems a stretch to relate that to the JWA battle arena, no?

anyways, back on the topic… about getting upset over an in-game emote. doesn’t that say more about the ones getting upset than the ones using them? yawn at me and ill respond with a thanks and then a yawn in return. its just a digital emote and nothing more after all.

honestly feel that posts like these will just get more and more people to start using the dreaded yawn.

Stun spam? That’s pure RNG so I’m surprised to see this getting yawned.

Seems like someone seems himself reflected in my words…
That says more about you than about myself.

But yeah, back on the topic…
Sportmanship calls for someone that is superior, that probably had zero reason to be in a match with their opponent, to at the very least, not laugh at his rival.
When it’s my turn to crush people, I don’t feel like gloating or thumbing up/yawning at them.
I actually feel sorry for the sad state of this game, allowing things like this happening.
I guess some alliance leaders take the high road and are conscious of their place in the game, and others… don’t.

I always feel bad for my opponent when one of my own dinos steamrolls through 2-3 of theirs. Can’t help it if i get matched with someone who doesn’t have a chance. I try to let them get 1 for their take downs if i can.


I don’t think it really is the actual yawning or the emote that can bother players. You’re just looking at the surface of that lol. It’s just how they’re used in such a fashion. Players who do this despite having a big advantage might not care about the longetivity of this pvp imo. Hmm I don’t think it has anything to do with thick skin.

It has alot to do with being thin skinned. I have been yawned at both when I am winning or losing a match. Who cares? It a distraction tactic…if it bothers you so much turn it off…no one is forcing you to use it.

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Yeah, just turn the emotes off. I did, because I find them distracting and I want to focus on choosing the right moves. I live in blissful ignorance of which of my opponents are total jerks.

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Because I like a random element? Yes, I do but my problem with stun isn’t down to a random factor. I dislike it because it turns the battle into a game of mother may I and that is boring to play against. At least with something like dodge, it doesn’t stop the opponent playing the battle. There is a difference.

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I did turn them off. But not because it was distracting or making me mad. I was astounded by some players behavior. Spamming emotes at my C-team with there all maxxed boosted Thor or proceRAT crutches or whatever other dino lol.

That brought me thoughts like oh they must be a pretty low person. And maybe said a few things I can’t type on the forum haha.

Basically I turned it off because they don’t support the responses I want to give along with it making me think of players as lames. Which I didn’t like doing.

It’s not just a distraction when a player has 50 more boost tiers and they got the win in the bag. And decide to spam.

I also disagree about being thin skinned because as I said, I’m not that bothered by it. I’m more bothered by why the majority does it. Its 100% not just to distract, though I’m sure some use this. That’s really not everybody.

I do agree some with thin skinned because one mention of crutches and excessive emotes sure does get some players triggered.