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Can you not yawn at me?

Read it anyway as I need tournament info and events to communicate to my alliance. Respond sometimes. Try to keep it to a minimum for reasons you already know :wink:


Yeah I have had a few battles like that they spam yawn or the crying emote then the thumbs up when they take out one of my team and good luck if there’s no chance of me winning at the end, I just turn-off the emotes now when an opponent is doing it. It is satisfying on the odd occasion I out think them and destroy there majorly boosted team

Just turn the emotes off. Seriously, just turn it off.


A simple Good Game or GG Option would be cool I’ve had close competitive battles that I’ve lost but thoroughly enjoyed, don’t understand why it wasn’t added

One time there was this opponent who kept spamming yawn at me and crying when it seemed like I was about to lose. Then I managed to turn the tables on them and they gave thumbs up and well-played when I won, lol.


I disabled emotes the day they were implemented. Such a waste of time thought out on including these when other issues could have been corrected to improve gameplay…


GG wasnt added as its to strong an emote… it would become the emote to use when your about to win. It would be abused to the point Good game would be the emote for Im about to win. Then they would be used as a bluffing mechanic.

Just like Blizzard ended up removing the “sorry” emote from Hearthstone… cause it was so rarely used as a sincere apology… even when it was, people still just assumed it was used for BM (bad manners)

I want to express a well played at the end of a match as well as a Nice or a thumbs up when something cool happens (myself or my opponent). SO i don’t really want to keep emotes turned off because of a bad apple. Tho i do turn them off for the specific fight if they are spamming stuff.

I would quite like them to have the control for enabling emotes away from the battle screen. I turned them off coz I found I was abusing them. The temptation to turn them on and fire off a yawn to an overboosted team is really hard to resist.

Ditch the yawn, move the enabling to a different screen.

The yawn emote is the only one that can be used to tell the other person: are you for real?
Keep it. Or ditch it all.

Isn’t it the same thing as “Well played"?

Sinilar but not the same… if you use well played in the middle of a match its pretty much taken as a compliment. If you use gg in the middle of a match your stating youve already won or lose and playing out the rest of the match is just a formality.

All emotes can be used as a form of bm… hence why the term was created long before jwa was even in development. Pretty sure when Ludia chose their emotes they gave us yawn with the intention it would end up being the bm emote.

Where as a gg would be a way to bluff victory. Which in turn actually becomes part of the meta at the competitive levels.


There’s one user in the library who spams the yawn emote often. Even when s/he wins or loses, the yawn emote is used. They also used it whenever they take down a dino.

Of all the emotes to add, I do wonder what went through Ludia’s mind when they added this one. Unless, of course, they wanted the emotes to be seen as toxic.

Whilst I’m here, shoutout to the awesome players who use them for good sportsmanship, such as “Well played” when you use a tactic that works, or good luck at the beginning of the battle. You guys are the real MVPs of the arena.


When the emotes came out I said the yawn one was rude and could be toxic. A lot of people told me to grow up, and that I was not a real gamer if I wasn’t badmouthing or taunting people.

I even started a thread with some (in my opinion) better options that would not be so rude. Like why not a question one - I am wondering why you spent all of your hard earned cash max boosting that Thor? Or why are you taking so long to play? A question (or wondering) would get the same thing across as a yawn without being as negative.

But hey, what do I know? I am not a real gamer apparently. Now I usually tell people good luck and then just turn them off.

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There really isn’t any reason to resort to taunting your opponent. It reminds me too much of children on multiplayer games. I’ve heard some lovely things from kids playing on multiplayer.


If emotes are getting to you, disable them.

I emote like it’s an act a dino can do, it gets in your head and it forces brain activity as to why that emote was just used. Ever heard of being tilted?

I love the player who rolls out indo, indo g2 and Erl… cloaks or ES right away then says good luck 5 times after you beat them. Stop relying on luck

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I’ve muted my emoji function. Those people can go be a jackwagon to someone else.


Their is from a competitive standpoint… getting under your opponents skins is technically a decent strategy thats often used is Clash Royale… spamming emotes can distract your opponent and distracted opponents can make misplays. And Ludia has atleast a few clash royale fans working for them.

Bluffing a win via emotes actually works quite well in most ccg style games as well.

Their are strategies involving emotes and Ludia was well aware of how they would be used when they added them to the game.

Yep. which is why i turn them off when my opponent gets spammy with them. Don’t need the headache.
(so glad i play with sound off. I realized a few days ago they make sounds)

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