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Can you people please understand how game balance works

Seriously. Guys and girls. Dudes . I am sick of reading the same, blatantly wrong and just overall ridiculous statement of:

“I paid for this and this dinosaur so I am obliged for them to stay overpowered, because if they get nerfed I am going to sue Ludia, cause false advertising. And besides it is unethical, because if I bought a car and it got made worse… blablabla”

Let’s break it down, point to point.

  • You are playing Ludia’s game. The product, unlike a car you have bought from Chevrolet, is NOT YOUR PROPERTY. You are merely using a service, and as stated in the EULA, which every single one of you agreed to, mind you, can and will be changed as how Ludia wishes.

  • You are accepting a contract by the EULA, agreeing the terms of service. This includes, but is not limited to change of product, change of price, etc. Ludia can even permaban your account if they have a reason to (aka violating the EULA, like spoofing, for a blatantly obvious example) , and you can not ask for refund. It is once again stated in the EULA you are not eligible for refunds, just because changes happen inside the game…

  • Which brings us to the other point. Which online game that is free to play but allows microtransactions refund if your OP character gets nerfed?! None. Not even League of Legends.

  • And finally… YOU PHYSICALLY CAN’T buy a dinosaur. You buy incubators, VIP, coins, etc. What you spend it on and what you invest into is none of Ludia’s business and should not determine the balance of the game. Nor should “but I worked so hard to get x or y”. Again it was your choice. Now whether or not your investment was a good choice in the long run, or incredibly good short term, but fall of late (investing in OP dinosaurs you all knew would get a nerf eventually)… That is the same thing how real world money brokering and investment works. Do brokering companies refund your failed valute gambling unless stated otherwise? No? Then why a game, built on the same principles should?

  • Also, let’s not forget the fact, the dinosaurs you leveled up were actually used and gained you further resources… But it is easy to forget about that, isn’t it? It is not like you level a dinosaur up to just look at it, you intend to use it. So no, not “all my progress” was lost.

Seriously. Whether or not you like a balancing change, be it a buff or nerf, you have more than your fair share of rights to voice your opinion.

But if you do, for the love of Blue, don’t use these objectively bad arguments that hold no water in a balance or state of game point of view. Because these I mentioned are just wrong and have no place in a fact based argument.


Amen to that, could not have said it better myself. You may drop the mic :microphone:!


I’m not going to bother in yet another thread wasting my time refuting each and every one of your points however rest assured it would be fairly easy to do so


Well said @Raven. About time that the vocal minority actually listened to this. Just because they choose to spend money on the game does not give them control over how Ludia manage or balance it.


Tried telling them that this is what every competitive game does. This is normal across the board


Let me State for the record that this nerf wouldn’t even affect me as I’m making my rinex tonight… But weakening a dino peopke put time effort and resources into creating is wrong…

(Small edit- in my opinion there is a major difference between balancing a dinosaur and making it completely useless which changing rinexs first move to strike only would absolutely kill it)


Too bad, we are Ludias players. If they ban us or choose to ignore us, they lose players :wink:.
Also, there are a lot of ,“I’m leaving this game” topics.

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But the same people continue to post of the forums!! lol


Nice post and all but I’m ANGERY so you’re wrong :wink:


So what? Have you seen how many players left LoL, EA games, SMITE, Clash of Clans, etc?

Yet they are still all afloat and doing well. Players who may or may not leave have already spent on the game and as long as new paying customers flow in, because the game is getting updated and balanced… They can live just fine without some forum keyboard warriors, because they chose to throw a temper tantrum party and leave


You assume that there won’t be a change to his basic strike, or might receive a swap-in ability. The whole picture hasn’t been painted yet. I don’t think the nerf will be anywhere as bad as people think, I think he will gain a new basic strike and/or swap in ability.

I suggest waiting and seeing before rioting, plundering or otherwise making lynch mob. Too many unknown variables based off of the information we have available.


Because you cannot. Well, I am certainly sure you can argue against common sense, I am not underestimating what humans can do to humiliate common sense…

But objective facts like how the game is Ludia’s, how all of us agreed on EULA and how none of you is eligible for refunds. Sure go ahead. Make my day.


Let’s say…

  1. Yes definitely they can do anything to change game meta, and we can’t refuse it. Totally legit. They could even allowed to change any dino everyday. LOL

  2. We didn’t literally buy these dino. But we bought incubators, coins, scent… to build up our dinos. Also some of us spent several hours every day on this game. Those real money and time we spent shouldn’t be wasted like trash.

  3. Not every game always nerf something & buff something to make the meta floating. This kind of game balance will let some players feel like all their expend wasted.

  4. I play this game, only because I love dinosaurs. Yes you can tease someone always say they are leaving but not actually leave. But don’t forget, this game don’t have so many active players. (At least not even 1/10 as PMGO) You can’t always irritate some players and keep the player base shrinking.

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Hi-Rez(Smite) is not doing well right now. Rofl
They think their t-5 Ares skin is going to save them, its not.

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Give me one 1x damage moves they could give it that would make up for it being the only unique without at least a 1.5 move first turn. Bear in mind the damage output of the more recent additions to the meta

Agree with the main point of the topic. The real problem for me is not the balancing itself. A nerf can be made if he is necessary (sorry diloranosaurus you will stay forever in my heart).

No the problem is the way they are doing it. They just alter text way before actually make the change. But it tells only a small part of the story :

  • if they change attacks we only know with the patch notes
  • if they change stats we only know about it with patch notes

And because of this a nerf could be a buff and vice versa.
It would be better if they just don’t make this fake teasing in attack text or better explain what would change in next update. We all know that d2 is going to be nerfed, but letting it not confirmed leave some with the choice to level it up buying coins. That’s a strategy, but is it the right one for the game?
Since I don’t have a clue about the number of players, and average spending I don’t know. I just watch it make the forum burn (and every other place too) and I don’t think it’s good for the game.

Ludia. Communication. Please.


Haven’t really played smite recently, so could be the case. They were doing fine though for 5 seasons (season 0-4).

That is legit though. I wish Ludia was more communicative and talkative on buffs and nerfs…

But I highly doubt making the forum stay in flames will help enforce better communication. Hell, for what I know and have experienced with game developers and forums, the more aggressive the playerbase pushes the devs, the less they listen to them… So there is that.


I agree completely… as far as playerbase numbers goes we can speculate a bit based off the galaxy line numbers… across galaxy devices world wide this game currently has 54k players. For comparison sakes pogo has 2.11 mil and clash royale has 2.38 mil.

Considering Samsung is still the market leader… id speculate the playerbase here is around 150-250k…maybe 300k max.

So yeah this game doesnt have the player base to be lossing a bunch of players at one time.

Their player base is the smallest its ever been. Most have left because of the persistent bugs they refuse to fix and because matchmaking is trash. Everyone is tired of the over priced skins too, and the chest exclusives. I’ve been playing since ps4 beta launch in 2015 and I’ve poured over $2k into it in those three years. I don’t regret it, I’ve made many fond memories. However, this year, I’ve spent maybe $50 on the game and I might be done. I’m tired of their crap and they’re not changing it.
They think dishing out more skins will make everyone forget the issues, its not. I’m the only person In my clan that skill plays. The other 30+ in my clan have left.

There are other things but I won’t get into it.
Ludia is digging their grave and they’ll bury themselves if they don’t change something.