Can You Play on Multiple Devices?

Can I connect my account to two devices? Would it save my game correctly? Anyone else do this?

yes you can do my girlfriend this connects to my account when she has a dinosaur that I need and it is worn after I do not really know if there are risks but for the moment yes


you, good sir, are a very generous man.


I want to know if there’s a way to use my account on an iPhone and an Android phone without signing into FB or google. Neither of those companies need to know about my proclivity for dinosaurs.

it’s not possible you have to have two evening phone running on iOS or two on Android even a connection via Facebook will not change

you need to have two phone running iOS “after I do not know how it works I’m on Android” but on Android yes it’s possible to play two with the same account on two Android devices

You can’t play the same account on two devices at the same time but you can play the same account on different devices.

I play my second facebook account on my phone and Ipad. I can’t play my main google account on my Ipad as google play cannot be installed on it.

By the way, there are some funky things when flipping back and forth from google to facebook, My little account shows dinos it hasn’t seen yet and gives the appearance you can create those but you can’t.

Never meant I wanted to play on both at the same time one is a work phone and the other is mine. When I played Hearthstone a lot, one of the coolest features was the way I could open the app on another device in the middle of a timed PvP match and the server would hand it off to the most recent device that opened it and kill it on the original. Great when switching to a tablet or when one devices battery was low. Blizzard has Battlenet accounts that tie a user to all of their games, so I’m not expecting anything remotely that sophisticated. Being able to one day have my account on my personal phone too seems like a reasonable ask. Hopefully it gets there instead of relying on authorization through FB and Google.

I have two Android devices and I’m able to sign into my game through my Google account back and forth on both phones (not at the simultaneously) and it’s always in sync.It works great!

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