Can you please allow us to use chat ?,

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Bug Description:

All chat says that everything written is against the community guidelines. Seriously?

Area was found in: in Chat of alliance.

How do you reproduce the bug:


I had to change my language of the phone to Spanish, (just practicing to read more of it) and try to type the messages reported in the image, we were doing the Parasauthops raid, and one member failed to put a shield twice, I just wanted to let him know what to do

Step 1- Type the messages reported in the image

  • rhino needs to put shield on that turn in round 3

  • Rhino needs to put shield

  • monolorhino neeeds to put shield

  • monolorhino needs to put shield on round 3 turn 2

All messages failed as you can see in the image

How often does it happen: frequently

What type of device are you using:

Device used: Samsung SM-N960U1 and SM-N976U

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Hey Tambor81, could I ask you to send your support key and that screenshot to our support team at Our team would like to take a closer look at this.


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Could this be getting triggered by a censored word perhaps? In other games I’ve played where such things occur you find a word or string of words is on some sort of internal blacklist.

Try typing the sentence without words that appear in all of the messages (the common denominator) such as Rhino or Shield and see if it still happens.

I have been in the software development dept as dev and manager for more than 20 years.

Monolorhino is a valid name because WE have a dinosaur with that name, and chat is used for communication. When it works….

Shield is an ability that belongs to monolorhino.

Whatever the case of “invalid” word that might have been detected by the AI or the expression checker is a serious flaw, because ALL are valid words and non offensive, So I am taking my time to report it

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Oh I totally understand, actually I used to do C and C++ programming back in the day as a hobby ^_^, just thought I would give it a mention because sometimes that what happens and ca be overlooked, especially if the algorithm is detecting a partial word, like if the word “Dread” was on the blacklist a word like Dreadnaught would trigger it.

Looking at the sentences I couldn’t say what would be triggering it, if this is indeed the case…it could be something like “you need to”, if they have protections in place to stop scammers from giving ppl instructions for visiting a scammer website or something.

Anyway only the devs know for sure and im sure they will be able to figure it out.

You changed to Spanish and your writing in English. It must be against the guidelines to not write in the selected language. Just my thought.

Yeah I think so too because all my alliance tried and it worked for them, thats why I am reporting this

I speak 4 languages:

English, spanish, german and a little japanese

Why would they restrict what language I should use?

Many other games are even doing translation on the spot since over a decade, in Game of War for example I communicate with folks in russia, korea and china without much problem and I just need to click the inline translate.

I am back home I will send the email to support without even expecting the least for them, I should be getting a simple thanks at least for reporting trivial stuff they should be already aware of.

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Well your thought isn’t correct

Here is the proof.

I typed in english while the phone is in spanish

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are you raiding by using alliance chat. Its not the best idea, use discord to communicate

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maybe use facebook for chatting and post the strat so that they cant be confused

Glad to help! And no, I’m not related to Ludia in any way, but I’ve had lots of friends with this issue so I guess I can say I have some “experience” on this problem? Lmao

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No social network please

And no cellphone numbers either!!! In america your cellphone is used for payments so thats a bigger problem… it is very easy to get a big file of data from a big company breach and then correlate your data to your cellphone.

So zero whatsapp, Line, telegram an any other method where your identity can be exposed.

My alliance has lots of cute ladies playing it and I believe some teens too, the heat can grow exponentially in seconds and the harrasement needs to be prevented.

I am grown up leading a bunch of kids in their 50s :rofl::joy: and many new accounts are spammers just getting in just for the social thing and then leave, but keep harrasing my fellows so N-O

well then you will just end up failing every raids then.


we win ALL apex bosses everything without an issue, in the most efficient way…

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because you have 4 devices lol

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This is how I do it. I have 4 devices using my 2 and my wife’s 2 accounts. I don’t have to communicate with anyone. Just the echoing voice inside my head. :rofl:


but what about the people that only have one account. They have to use discord

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I just play one account

My wife and I play with my next door friends and their relatives and with my relatives… one big “dino-lover family”

we took that picture 2 weeks ago, when we unlocked the snake, we have 7 people with the full set already and just 2 missing one.

Many people dont want to use discord, because they dont know how to use it OR simply not allowed to, OR because they dont want to, And we respect that decision, thats where we try to use chat. Which ends being useless most of the time. Because it comes hard to send movements and with this issues becomes disappointing a lot of times.

Hey, @moderators, while I understand that it may have bypassed forum rules, I don’t think this post should be flagged, since I was helping a member on something that support didn’t seem to be able to. This is unfair and I would like you to check again the comment and the context of why I said it; this whole thread.

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