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Can you please explain this to the whole community! -- Screenshot your Lunar New year incubator! --

Could you please explain to us why in my country (Greece) where the minimum wage is around 17$/ DAY, (not 17/ hour… 17 per DAY) this costs 25$ more than it costs to players from USA?

Please feel free to explain to us how fair this game really is!

ps. I would really like to see how much this cost to Albania where the minimum wage there is around 230$ per month!!!


I’m not Ludias biggest fan and their prices are ridiculous. But this is more of a Greece problem imo.


Of course the prices are rediculous but how is that Greeces problem?

Shouldn’t be the price of a product have the same price across the board in the game?
I m not complaining here about how much money each of us makes in his country?

I am asking why the same product has a different price tag inside the same game??


I would assume it has something to do with exchange rates, but i’m not entirely sure.
And looking at it, currently both USD and the Euro are greater than a 1-1 exchange in CAD.
so greed?

It’s a different price here in germany too. It should only be 63,13€ if it’s $69,99 in america.


I really appreciate guys that you want to guess but frankly, and don’t take it in the wrong way, I don’t care for your opinions!

That is a question for Ludia and I am waiting an official answer from them!

@Ned @John @J.C @Isabelle @Thom

Very interesting. How about in other countries? Can we get screenshots from other countries?

Well, people here are usually way more helpful than Ludia… But if you don’t care for our opinion and is just waiting for an “official” answer, I can only say you’d better sit down while you wait…


I said I don’t care for your opinion cause its just speculations.

And yes, I will be waiting for the official answer

@Ned @John @J.C @Isabelle @Thom

It’s little less than half of my monthly payment.

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I really appreciate that you want an answer, and don’t take this the wrong way, but you are being quite rude to other community members.

The tactful response would have been something like “Thanks for all your input…I would like an official response though”, instead of telling everyone you do not care what they have to say.

It is a community forum.

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It’s not speculation when they say it has nothing to do with Greece :slightly_smiling_face:… It’s about the currency. They won’t take a country’s situation into consideration.

But still, yes, this is BS. Here in Brazil it’s also more expensive than in the US

I started my answer excaclty as you. “I really appreciate it…” but I don’t want speculations. Of course i want to hear what people think and their help on this question of mine but that question is aiming to get an answer from the official lips.

i am sorry if I sounded rude but English is not my native language and my translations from Greek doesn’t always sound correct! It wasn’t my intention to sound rude at all

And again. I don’t care about the currency or the economic situation of the country. This is not the point.

I am asking why aren’t we all paying the same amount of $ for the same product? Plain and simple? WHY?

@Ned @John @J.C @Isabelle @Thom

Lets see

I know, but the first thing you mentioned was your country and minimum wage, so you can’t blame people for answering to that. That shouldn’t be part of your argument, but anyway, I’ll shut up. It’s a fair question you’re asking. Let’s see if they answer it…

Ok, my bad then.

I read your post and was in agreement with you that it seemed unfair. Then I read your replies and it seemed you were being rude so I cared less for what you were saying. English not being your language though can certainly convey the wrong tone or intent. My apologies, I hope you get an answer from Ludia.

Yeah Poland here and I have to pay around 20$ more xdxd

It surely isn’t the main point but its something that should be counted for as well. That’s why I mentioned it.

I mean how can @TheNumenor from India buy even one incubator if that costs his half month salary?


If its 69.99 in the US it should be 63.17 euros in Greece and in Germany. and 4978.25 rupees in India. And THAT IS NOT THE CASE!

Can you please send a screenshot?