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Can you PLEASE make the tap detection area SMALLER for raid bosses?

Or make the raid bosses smaller on the map. Whatever’d work better. :roll_eyes:
I’m seriously TIRED of this. (and annoyed too)
No matter how far the boss moves from my point of interest I STILL cannot select anything but the boss!
I mean look at this!

I lost that pyroraptor! No matter how far grypo would move away I still couldn’t select pyro!
I spent good 10 minutes trying to tap that epic but EVERY time all I could select was the boss even if the boss wandered away!

I had to leave eventually because I don’t really feel comfortable spending this much time at the corner of the street, in front of some peoples’ house with my phone in hand like some weirdo creep!

It would really help if the boss hit box area wasn’t so huge.
If I wanted that boss I’d have tapped that boss, not the area waaaay behind it or so.


I understand your situation.

I also experienced the same problem with that SAME grypo boss

It was circling a raptor which I was missing 200 DNA to create Indoraptor

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