Can you pls buff our poor Tryo?

Tryo was a very appreciated creature before 2.0, really funny to use as a sweaper with FS, RTC and DSR, immunity and well balanced tbh

But since the 2.0 update they nerf our loved Tryo by replacing his FS by Refresh which is a pretty bad move tbh ok it heals but it’s never used in raids and Tryo as a huge difficulty to set up without FS so Refresh is basically useless tbh

For the next update can Ludia pls bring back our old and loved Tryo ? Seriously the fact that it lost FS for an useless healing move makes me sad


I think they did it cuz of postosuchius healing move but I’d rather have heal which the other one has. I miss the ferocious strike. One was would be used on pvp while the other for raids

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I actually like refresh, it helps it counter the mega fast resilients and fierce and sometimes even cunnings(Like our favorite metrodon)


Fair enough if Refresh is useful for you
But actually I’m still hoping Tryo gets back FS

But that only helps if the opponent has already been weakened or can be sniped or something right? I know that Refresh is useful in specific situations, but it’s usually a worse version of Mutual Fury in PvP.


It is better since 2.0. It’s not ,poor” but one of the better hybrids.Has more attack than 1250,that refresh move is a good counter to very fast creatures,can deal so much damage etc.

At least make refresh as group move so it will be more useful

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Actually I like that way to use Refresh because before 2.0 Tryo just get demolish by faster creatures

But the main problem about Tryo is without FS it’s really hard to set up (thanks to RTC dealing no dmg) and trust me a fierce dino who has huge difficulty to revenge kill and set up isn’t that great

Also we are in a meta with a lot if tanks and most cunning dinos aren’t that good so actually if it got FS to counter the resilient it’d definitely makes Tryo almost a tyrant I guess

Also about his buff on stats it’s really nice for him but I don’t think it’s enough to deal the change of the moveset sadly


Refresh is pretty useful if it’s the first move used against a faster creature, it’s gonna heal you up a bit and get your rampage off cooldown

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The fact that he tries to have Refresh, makes him stay on top of the crafty ones who use the speed increase or distraction as their only weapon, I suggest that he get persistent feroucious strike, obviously his damage is reduced. It’s my opinion

Pre 2.0 Tryo was in my team. She is a perfect revenge killer. Perfectly balanced creature. Suddenly, out of thin air her kit was changed; for the worse.

As many have pointed out, I do not see much use of the Refresh move. She is categorized as a Fierce creature not a Wild Card or a Healer. She is a damage dealer. In PvP as well as in Raids. Hence, the new Refresh move is not suitable for her. Not by any measures.

Hence, I would love for her to get her old kit back. Specifically the FS move. By doing so we will have another creature to choose from for our PvP team as a counter for Tryko in the Arenas.