Can you plz fix the stun after stun bug?


Seriously, sick of get stuning by rampages, impact and run, and other skills what dont stun.
This bug affect mostly to dilonarosaurus, dilonacheirus and tragodistis, stuning whit the next random skill after they do their stun skill and worked.
I suspect some guys still using dilonarosaurus after hard nerf only to win battles using this bug…


To be fair Diloranosaurus is still very good even after nerf. I would also use her if she was higher than 17 level.


I battle a lot and it has never happened to me. In fact, it seems it is now impossible to stunlock if you’re the slower dino, since the stun effect lasts until end of turn instead of expiring with the opponent’s (skipped) move.

Can you give the skill order for when this supposedly happens or provide a video? Judging by the dinos you said this happens with, I suspect you don’t fully realize how stuns and speed debuffs may work together.


I play a ton of battles and have never encountered this. If you switch your dino and your new one comes in when the opponent launches a stun move, you get stunned for your NEXT turn. My fiancé thought she was stunned for two turns when this would happen to her, but it is proper game mechanic.


It happen to me 80% of times i faced one of these dinos i said, grater stuning - i go stuned- random skill and i got stunned again making me lose 2 turns.
Happen to me and i did to others when i used dilonaro, is a bug since 1, 2 months


I think you’re thinking of the sun effect lasting a little longer than it used to. For awhile I thought I was double stunned on a move that wasn’t a stun, but I wasn’t, it was from the last turn. You don’t lose any turns when it does this it’s just slow to catch up.


Can you provide the full move order of the battle for both dinos?


It never happened to me and I’m using intensively both dilorano + trago.

It is maybe a visual glitch on your side ? Can you attack or does it pick the basic attack ?


Same. I had it with Sarcorixis while I was doing Pterosaurus Strike Event. I don’t know why, but when I used Greater Stunning Impact, opponent got stun, next I used Lockdown Strike and got another stun while this move theoretically cannot stun the opponent.


But was it just graphical. Opponent moves you stun it. It doesn’t get a move next round. So your non stunning move happens you see final graphic of it stunned because it won’t be removed until moves are selected.

If during this time a speedup expires it can be.

A attacks B stuns it
A loses move anything B does still shows stun after.
B now faster gets first attack A only now gets move legitametly after 3 attacks from B. That can follow from just one stun.


You do realize some dinos have more than 1 stun attack?
Stegoceratops has 3, a 75% chance (greater stunning strike), a 33% chance (stunning impact) and a 10% chance (minimal stunning strike).

So it is very possible to stun 3 or more times in a row. I’ve been on both sides.


Same happened to me. Exactly, after the opponent’s Trago. stunned my Dino, it happened.


I have seen where impact and run, and other non stun moves result in a stun.

It was difficult to understand your initial comment.


Metahub wrote an article on this.

Probably video would help.


Dude im not a noob, im in top 50 guys since months.
The secuense of moves is like this:
The enemy have a dilonaro who killed some of my dinos
Then i swap to for example a indoraptor and i do my skill
Then dilonaro do greating stuning rampague and stun my indo.
I can do nothing cause im stuned then i select continue the combat and dilonaro attack again
Dilonaro do impact and run or superior strike or whatever skill, and then i got stuned again by that skill who havent stun effect.
Then dilonaro attack again for free, do impact and run and kill my indoraptor for free b3cause he has 2 free turns of dmg, meanwhile he only must had 1 turn stun.

Dilonaro is where i have this issue more ofter, but recently i noticed dilonacheirus have the same op bug, and sometimes happened qhit tragodistis too( stuning me whit a rampague after stuning me whit the stun strike).

Cant describe better cause im not english native and dont know how to record video om mobile, but trust me is a bug and is a op one, in top duels lose 2 turn is lose the match for sure


Being in the top 50 doesn’t mean you understand the game mechanics well. You could have just bought your way through, I believe you even said yourself you’ve been spending money.

From your words:
Turn 1: you’re faster and you get stunned on this turn
Turn 2: you skip a move due to stun, opponent uses either ss or impact&run
Turn 3: Opponent uses impact&run (again?! xD )

Obviously he can’t use 2 impact&runs in a row. If on turn 2 he used ss, you’re slower on turn 3 and this “bug” is intended game mechanics. You only skipped 1 turn and will get a move on turn 3 if you survive. After the opponent, since you’ve been slowed.


I said impact and run or whatever skill.
Then are you saying me impact and run or rampage must stun me?
The bug is easy, i get stuned by rampages and impact and runs, or superior strikes.but only whit dinos who have stun.
I lose the turn i get stuned, i lose the turn of rampage stun and then enemy do another skill, then enemey attack 3 times in a row, when he only have 1 stun skill
I understand the game mechanic and can battle while driving whitout watching the mobile only looking the dino the enemy have xd


So just to clarify, you do know there’s a legit and intended way to hit someone’s dino 3 times in a row using only one stun, right?


Ok, cant argue morr whit you, isnt a bug, all is correct xd


That’s what I thought =)

I hope they add more unobvious mechanics features. Really rewards those who understand them and punishes players who try to pay their way through and roflstomp.