Can you prevent Alanqa escaping?


Do you have any control over this or is it just luck? I assume getting direct hits slows it down maybe? He just escaped twice and I’m hoping to be a bit more productive on my next four attempts tia


Unfortunately, this is a problem a lot of us have been experiencing with Alanqa =( Direct hits don’t slow him down, but they are supposed to turn a dino. Best of luck on your remaining attempts!


Mine keep escaping too and she doesn’t always change direction when I hit her. FFFFFF


Hitting them won’t change their direction unless it is a bullseye.


Oh I see. Makes sense.


If you consistently get direct shots the bird will circle on the spot if you miss a few it will straighten up an be able to get out I use deflected shots to steer the guys where I want like shoot at the left foot to make it turn right etc I don’t know if this is new but have noticed deflected shots work great for getting a turn out of all Dino’s in general


Same, a creature can turn with any hit, even deflected ones. Very handy tip.



Part of the problem is it wont circle in a single direction. Many times now, bullseyes cause it to go right left right left over and over which just means it goes striaght for the wall. They really should keep the turning in one direction only and i’d never complain about the escape wall again.


I’ve been playing since launch and NOW you tell me you can steer the creatures when you shoot them … this is a game changer lol


Just practise makes perfect I have made alanqua do a 90 degree turn making it fly parallel to edge getting me 3 more shots in takes some time to master but you can effectively steer the creature around