Can you show me

Hey fellows

Can you show me some dino teams around 4250 points?
My team is doing well at 3800~, but i start getting this crazy murder machin as enemy (Indoraptor).
I hope i can hit the epic incubator in the next tournament.

Thx your Meliodas

I can’t show you one atm (I’m not on my phone) but I am around that mark and generally fight with L20 IRex, L22 Indo, L24 Stegod, L22 Tragodotis, L20 Spinotasuchus, L20 Rajakylosaurus, L20 Monostegatops and a L20 Pyrritator. I’ll swap the Pyrritator for different dino’s to try them out or just for some variety. This is a fairly confortable team for the 4250 mark.

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Damn sounds like a great team and a lot of work for me haha.
Sitting around lvl18 legendarys and no unique so far.

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I’m at 4300

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But I go up and down between 4100 and 4400. It’s not that constant

@mizz_wrecks I saw the Title “can you show me” and your name and was like :eyes:

:joy::joy: oh wait we’re not on dizzzzcord now (miss-spelt for anti-flagging)

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I’ll show mine as you showed yours… but my bf is currently in JWA so… will have to wait

Speaking of anti-flag :heart: That band


May i have to move my big booty and dart this velos for indoraptor :smiley:

You can’t fail to get enough Velo… go go go! Indoraptor will serve you well but never stop darting those Velos. Ever.100k will dissapear like…


4260 trophies

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I’m at 4200 and here’s my team.
I’ve been very intentional about finding ability balances between my team (hence my 16 monosteg in there vs my other 18s-20s.)

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