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Can you solo a raid?

I wonder if anyone actually can , it would probably be on one of the rares because those are easier

I used purrlyoth against meloainia i did eventually lose on the second round though.

I tried doing a solo carnotaurus raid with Purrolyth, but unfortunately you cant beat it.
You can reach round 2 but still you cant beat it.


Yes you can solo a raid. Here’s the strat!


I believe the Meiolania is the only one so far you can solo. The Carno one I don’t think has been solo’d yet, although I think someone got close.


I almost did it, but with Carno’s rampage and a lot vulnerablilty flying around, it become a pain when you only have 1 cleanse and it has a 3 turn cooldown

Besides lvl 10, is there anything else required for the Purrolyth to have? Health or attack boost maybe?

I solo’d it with marsupial lion as long as you crit once

I’m sure people have completed it solo with Purrolyth.

Meiolania is solo-able with any chompter.

Boosts aren’t allowed in rare raids

What raid did you do?

meiolania raid

Ok thanks

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Thanks for the strat , I got my first solo raid win!

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Not sure where you are getting your information from, but it is not at all solo-able with any chomper.

Whats a chomper

A creature with a high damage stat typically a fierce that bypasses armor and shields

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for example: thorodolasaur, mortem rex, allosinosaurus, t-rex g1 and g2, allosaurus, tyrannolophosaur, tenontorex, trykosaurus, and magna

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I managed it once when it first appeared. Tarbosaurus I believe. I’ve never managed to do it since.

I just soloed bajdadosaurus boss with purrolyth


I did with meoilania