Can you start fixing non-profit related issues?

Ironically my help and support in-game chat is stuck on this:
I want compensation for not fixing an exploit cheaters use for over a year. Cheaters proof. Unlimited attempts on event dinos I payed a small fortune on this game to progress while you allow known exploits to continue so they get this progress I was paying for for free.

Now I can’t report that adds are not working and the app closes itself after batles and friendliest.

Forgot to mention Friendliest glitch in a weird way. Choosing my benched Utarinex in my team. I did not use it in any team not even for strike towers in months, so tell me… How can it be picked for my friendly battles? Happened several times.

I’m sorry to hear that your game is closing on its own, Rexie. Could you try the troubleshooting steps on our FAQ here and see if it helps with the issue:

Regarding your Utarinex being selected for your friendly battles, could I ask you to contact our support team here at with your support key so our team can investigate further?