Can you tell who donated DNA

… if you missed the push notification?

I’d like to thank them and return the favor.

To the devs: If this isn’t yet possible, it would be nice to have this info.

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If I recall correctly, clicking on the “i” (info) when you can collect tells you who donated.


I’ll check it out, thanks. Currently can’t request anything for several hours…

Just checked, you can see who donated when you collect.

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I’m willing to bet that a future release will show total DNA donated and received for each alliance member. That way alliances can see who is being generous and who is being selfish.

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Also if you’re on the game while they donate a banner comes across the top of your sceeen " name has donated dna"

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Is it really a Donation if you get coins back?

Mine doesn’t. The I just says the value of DNA to coin.

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I’d like to see an alliance ranking board of those in the alliance so you can keep the active ones and get rid of the ones who are just in it for free DNA without contributing

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It is called auto-reciprocation. Such an unwritten law but its there

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It will tell you, when it’s ready to collect, if you click on the i at that point, before collecting.

Thanks. I have noticed it now.

Same. I’ve been looking for this info too