Cancel button not working..and stuck at "waiting for opponent"


I just lost over 500 points in arena and booted out of Sorna (2 battles in a row against the same opponent) and 4 times waiting for opponent and had to force restart the game and was either 2 dinos dead, or had 2 seconds to select a dinosaur.

Sorry…but this is an issue and not RNG. Battling the same guy twice in a row when I never battled any of his 8 dinos in his profile.

I am playing on a galaxy s9+ over 60mbps WiFi.


The wait is too long and the loading page should have a cancel function.


When you hit battle let it run for 10 seconds and cancel…if cancel isnt working restart game fast and you will either be starting your battle or be at the map. It works for me everytime


Yeah, that’s what I do too… shouldn’t have to… but it is what it is for now.