Cancel button on pvp crashes game

The more I play this game the more it feels like no one play tested it. In addition to all the frequent crashes of the game, a sure way to crash the game is to press the cancel button while searching for pvp. However, instead of a force quit, it just freezes the game. I lost over 100 rank because I thought my game was just frozen or searching for a game, rather than being completely unresponsive.

C’mon Ludia! This is just unacceptable. This is basic stuff. Why have a cancel button if it just crashes your game and forces you to a fight? It also resets all sound options. I keep clicking music and sfx off and it keeps turning back on. Worse, I have no option to turn it off during a pvp match so I have to turn my phones volume off entirely.

You force us to progress via pvp and then csnt even have proper working systems in pvp!

Hey Norp, I’m sorry to hear that tapping on the Cancel button causes your game to crash. Our team would be glad to investigate this further to see what the problem is. Could you send your support key over to our team here at along with your device information? Thanks!