Cancel subs for Thor nerf

This is a suggestion to the community, not to Ludia.

If you are tired of Thor favoritism, cancel your sub and say so in this post.

I’ve done it, and probably will quit if it stays like this.
Im tired of Thor being in every match. So so tired.


So basically a protest to make ludia nerf it right. I think Thor should gain some armor, 15% and in wxchange some less attack but keeps the crit. The reason it’s so good is instant charge but you can’t take that away cuz it’s the one thing it has that shows sino dna


Unfortunately not alot of people will cancel we have too many Thor lovers in the community, but don’t worry she will probably get nerfed again at somepoint.

Oh by the way it’s not Thor what’s the problem it’s people extremely boosting it.


I hear that quite a lot, but I’m not so sure that’s the core of Thors problems. If its base stats were lower, then boosts would be less effective.

There are plenty of others boosted dinos that can be outplayed. A max indoraptor can be beaten by most of the resilient dinos, unboosted

A max Thor can be beaten by a small handful of dinos.


Yeah Thor it’s pretty balance, the only reason for it to be “powerful” is instant charge being a fierce but i think thats ok

Is like a signature

It’s a signature move that can defeat most of the dinosaurs that should be able to beat it.

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In a perfect world, Thor would get a 15% armor buff since his parent has some armor, he’d lose the DoT resist, and speed boosts would be nerfed to give +1 speed instead of +2.


I like the way you think. #deletethor

Maybe alternatively they could buff VIP so that it filters out matches against users with their exquisitely annoying Thor’s? I’d pay for that privilege so fast. Though it’d probably take 2 hours to find a match in the library with such a filter :laughing:


Thats what I think when I face one. Mostly because half the thors I face are 5 levels higher and boosted to the gills. I used to beat them with my suchotator, LW, tank the impact, ID, prolly get stunned, Get killed by thor rampage, Thor dies from tick damage. But I can’t do that anymore, so I have to boost my dumb monolometrodon because every other cunning I have literally gets one tapped by these insane thors, heck, one of them killed my pho with a rampage, when I dodged! I was at full health as well ;-; I’d be fine even if it gained armor or definite rampage, just take out the stupid DoT resistance


It’s the easiest unique in the game to counter. If you can’t, your team needs serious adjustment.


This goes for every creature in the game. The only thing that makes Thor special is that it’s almost always overlevelled and overboosted.
Nerfing Thor’s base stats isn’t fixing the problem, it’s just partially avoiding it. People will probably continue to use Thor anyway and there will be and are other creatures that will pose similar problems as Thor because people over level and overboost them.


Not when it has 2k damage it’s not. And spinocon, pterovexus and many more uniques are easier to counter.

Lol, I see your high damage thor and raise you an erlikospyx. Nothing the Thor can hope to do. Same goes for plenty of other cunning dinos. Even resiliants beat thor on the regular. It’s just a matter of having a balanced team composition.


Bobby, list all the dinos that are absolute counters or semi counters.

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What happens to the spyx when the thor is faster than it.

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Hadros Lux, Ceramagnus, Ardentismaxima, Dilorach, Erlidom, Erlikospyx, Gemini, Magna, Indoraptor, Tenonto, Poukandactylus, Rinex, Monolomentrodon, Alloraptor, Diplovenator, IndoG2, Monomimus, Poukadei, Utahsinoraptor, Erlikogamma, Procerathomimus, Velosrachos…

Should I keep going or do you see the point?

e: replied to the wrong person, oops


If your spyx is slower than a thor you need to give your team more speed boosts. A spyx slower than a thor is not going to fly in the arena.


Okay. Now using your… exceptionally generous list. That is still only around 10% of the dinos in the game.
That list for nearly all the other dinos will be 80-100 dinos.

Wow, so you mean only some dinos counter Thor, and not all of them? Impossible. It couldn’t be.

Also lol what it’s not 10%, and it’s not “Generous.” In fact I was conservative.