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Cancel vip subcription

This is ridiculous, they are laughing at the Android users, I invite everyone to cancel the VIP subscriptions, until they work decently, and they fix the problems for us, my subscription was canceled.

No thanks :v:


Good for you, you pay poorly-managed jobs


Hmm. I’m on droid and as far as I can tell, IOS users are all having the same issues that I am.

Is this in response to yesterdays android update fiasco, or am I missing some fresh new android problems?

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It’s a matter of being respected, the people we pay, we do not have to keep waiting and playing something so badly finished, a minimum repair is required … the application is unplayable

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I have an Android phone and I havent had any issues except matches timing out which isnt entirely their fault so… Meh


Agreed, but none of what you are saying is phone platform specific.

Other then the update launch yesterday, Andriod has nothing to do with the current state of the game.

Your post would make a lot more sense if you replaced every mention of Android with Playerbase, or Paying Customers or something else. :wink:

It’s something to see the claims, you can not fight battles, the application sometimes closes me alone, the dart of darts stinks, I could not do the daily DNA in almost 24hrs. sometimes the darts pass through the creature without scoring points, etc … etc …

It’s the second time I’ve made a post in the forum, it’s not that I’m complaining about anything.

S10+ here. None of those issues. :man_shrugging:

The darting changed but they warned us about that. We knew it was coming

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I’m cancelling until they fix the drone shooting. After 3 hits you watch your dino walk off screen. It’s ridiculous. Can’t believe anyone that tested it thought it was an actual improvement.

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You’ve experienced no problems? :thinking::thinking:

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No. I mean the matchmaking and trophy distribution sucks. But that’s not a problem. That’s just a bad idea on ludias part. And the drone change isn’t a problem either. They meant to change it

Same with Justin, mostly having trouble finding battles. And that trophy system may need some work, other than that… I’m already adjusting to the darting. But I do think there should be drone settings. They’re trying to make the game better and people just threaten vip always.

To the op. The only thing android related was the delay. Sorry I haven’t experienced most of your issues, can’t confirm. May be phone related.

And only thing cancelling vip will do is make their bad darting sessions worse :joy:but hey I guess have fun collecting less DNA :man_shrugging: idk

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I can’t even log in, updated, uninstalled , installed , restarted, all that, Android OnePlus 6

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There is a solution thread from another player. It has worked for me and others. Nothing else I tried would get past 1/24. This did the trick.

Game stinks now, but I can log into it at least :slight_smile: So, it’s fuller stinkage experience.

So what’s that solution?

Worked for everyone but one person so far I think.