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Cancel Vip subscription!

Since cheaters are supported and Ludia does not do anything right I quit my VIP and I recommend it to everyone else


I just don’t see the value of being VIP anymore. Stat boosts provide more value than leveling especially speed boosts. Might as well spend $10/month on hard cash and boosts.


Can people please stop making these posts?


Im not happy with the update 1.7 and decide to cancel my VIP

If you are disagree with the game too, then you can also cancel your VIP.

Iy everyone will do it, Ludia have to react.


One of the best valuable and remindable post!!!

I think our VIP membership contribution to the game is not greater than some cheating alliances’ contribution. Therefore, Ludia will ignore this post.
But, at least to me, depending on their dealing with this cheating problem, I may re-subscribe it.


Yeah, you do that, but there are an infinite amount of these kinds of posts. Sure, some people aren’t happy with the state of the game at the moment, but I am, so you don’t really need to post this to make a point

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Of course, I saw many this kind of posts. But, I think, in this moment, it is the most valuable post because Ludia, as a company to earn money, needs money.
Therefore, as least, this kind of post may make them consider or at least think the problem seriously.
But, they will ignore it…

If you don’t like it, just skip and read other interesting posts. At this moment, to me who felt huge dissapointment, this is the best post.

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I did the same.

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Never had one. Great game, terrible management


I cancelled 3 times before, so I will take my time in deciding now… :laughing:

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Done aswell.

My VIP is gone

I have 20 days left in VIP subscription. If I cancel the subscription now does the VIP stop working right away or will it work for the next 20 days for which payment has been already made ?.

I’m not sure.
I’m holding off till after Kentro for sure, then see what they have for next week.
As long as there’s something worthwhile to dart, I’ll pay $10 a month.
(This week was worth VIP)
I no longer need VIP for hunting in the wild though.

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It keeps going until the subscription expiration date.


Thanks for the info guys. Just to be on safer side I will wait for 19 more days to cancel it. It’s Ludia we don’t know what they might do, they might cancel it very next day and ask me to send a ticket to resolve the issue :grinning:

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That would involve too much thinking on their part. All you’re doing is cancelling the auto renewal for the subscription. They have no idea you’ve done it until it’s time to renew. Once your google or apple account doesn’t send them the monthly payment it auto shuts off the vip. There’s been so much vip cancelling and refunds being given I’m sure their bean counters are pulling their hair out. :exploding_head:


I’m really just utterly sick and tired of threads like these.

Stop playing the game if you don’t like it to this degree but many of us still do and honestly, the amount of work put into this game is staggering considering you’re playing it for free most of the time.

I pay VIP to pay the workers who made the game. They deserve that.

They aren’t making the game maliciously to ruin your happy fun times and they’ve tried very hard to implement changes to help people.

Threads like these show only that the majority of players would rather make a coding and animating and sound design team work for nothing, which I find disgusting.