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After 2 years, I’ve cancelled my monthly VIP.

Problems regularly discussed have NOT been addressed.

Life is tough enough without banging your head against a wall while playing a video game, that should be enjoyable and relaxing.

Coriolis nonsense continues and no stop in sight.

I just fought a team with her in the battle.

She brought back to life herself 4 times and her teammates a further 6 times. This is nonsense.

I only won the fight because I was much stronger. Unbalanced battles, another issue. A evenly matched team with her present and it would have been a slaughter.

I really liked this game, it had great potential, but sadly, at this stage, that’s all it has, potential.


I’ve considered the same when I’m frustrated with the game. But then I take a step back and a day later realize that I still enjoy it for the most part. It is however frustrating that there are long standing bugs in the game and ignored community requests.

The community has been asking for the ability to have different load outs available as a preset so that we don’t have to constantly swap out equipment for raids, rallies, PvP, PvE, etc.

There are long standing issues like the bug that pulls players back to a blank screen during events.

On the subject of Coriolis. Everyone should have her by now. She was given out for free to everyone last month. So everyone should now be on a reasonably even playing field.


Yeah, I tried VIP for about 4-5 months and dropped it pretty quick. Long-standing bugs, such as Pikel’s deathward not working during disarm, the blank screens, Dual PvP glitching, etc. have not been addressed for… over half a year? a year or more? They just don’t care. There’s consistently talk of “our team knows about it” yet nothing gets done.

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@Keith any status updates on some of the highlighted issues here?

Perhaps along with the weekly event calendar post (I don’t think ive even see it lately), there could be an open list of questions/issues that Ludia is pursuing. That form of open communication - even if the status hasn’t changed for long periods of time, would do wonders in terms of players feeling like they’re being heard.

Personally, I don’t quite care about some of those other bugs as they’re just minor annoyances to me, but i understand how others may feel differently or more strongly about them. My #1 issue is the load out/gear equipment question. An update that allows us to save/toggle between 2 (or more) sets of gear that we can swap out with a quick click of a button. One for PvP, one for PvE. I say potentially more because there are even separate loadouts and equipment used in certain rallies and event.

Hoping to hear from you @Keith Even if it’s just acknowledgment that you’ve read this complete thread. Thanks.

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I read every thread, even if I don’t respond to them all.

As players requested the calendars have been going out on Sundays instead of Mondays on Facebook and Twitter.

Saving different gear setups to easily switch has been brought to the team’s attention however, I do not know if or when it would be implemented so have not commented on it.


As for Coriolis,

A ridiculous character is a ridiculous character, regardless.

And since battle teams are randomly selected, it doesn’t matter if she is in everyone’s roster.

And I still play, I said I’ve canceled my VIP, completely different.

I think mentioned it before but while I enjoy this game it has so many inconsistent flaws that are explained away that I can’t in good conscience spend money on the app. I e played for over a year and the few times (4) that I was about to pull the trigger I would just play pvp, lose ridiculously over and over, reach out to support about changes or feedback, get some templates bs, come to my senses and save that money

Well said.

Isn’t that true. They know, acknowledge and do nothing. Doesn’t get worse or more obvious than that.

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I love it when my Coriolis profs revive multiple times. Best game feature ever. I hope we get a ton more characters with her features. Super fun!

It’s Super mindless that’s true.

It goes the same with a lot of games… designers struggle to add content, so newer classes end up OP because of combined functionality that isn’t properly play tested… when a single character, sometimes 4 levels lower the the opposing teams average level can determine the outcome so easily, it’s just a slap in the face fro the rest of us… and I can hear the rebuttal now… well you can always run the same class… but… that’s missing the point that there should be some reasonable expectation that the characters are balanced


Having to re balance (nerf ) half the toons in the game because of the new Broken toon handing out buffs made their old stat and ability numbers too strong has to tell us all something… they could have saved themselves a ton of work by just changing Cori… or Making Cori an only PvE toon and Locked out of PvP rosters.

Deathward resetting all the toons cool downs is a huge part of the problem. It’s been stated in other threads that in no other game does Reviving from death leave you stronger with all your health and all your abilities ready to go. For PVP Only reviving should have some sort penalty and not all benefit. Add it to the heroic resistance clause for PvP only. Some kind of stagger effect that keeps abilities on a cool down for a round after reviving from a deathward so they can still attack or move but not have everything available immediately. Or something maybe like your used abilities that have a duration get shortened by 1 turn and abilities that are attacks and your normal attacks deal 25% less damage for a after you revive from a death ward. Something negative. Reviving to full health and having everything available to you isn’t balanced now that there’s so many more instances of deathward in the game than Just Hal’s bone and Raika’s chance to deathward on death legendary trinket.

I’m pretty close to done with this game entirely. Waiting to see what this new cash grab toon does to further degenerate PvP and PvP events. By the description Secrecy being able to hide and protect its teams buffs from being restored away by the few toons that even can … the only small balance to the buffing madness and further Nerfing of Nayelli … Secrecy will probably just kill the game for me.

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I will not even use Coriolis in PvP. Boring and broken. Actual strategy goes right out the window. And if I lose a PvP battle because a broken, enemy Coriolis goes nuts, I just say good for them.



Three games three loses!! First two over matched. It even close and the last one equal in levels but the opponent hit 3 deathwards and Faridah every hit regained life …me nothing no criticals nor benefits what a waste of time

I find it funny when staff warn and suspend players for so called ‘insulting’ staff.

The community invests money and time into this game and their suggestions are ignored, rewards are so stingy. What could be more insulting.

What punishment is fitting for that abuse.?

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The way this board is moderated is beyond ridiculous. I have never seen anything like it