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FANMADE 2.5 HYBRID CHANGES, by KillerT_77 PART 1 - Jurassic World™ Alive / Community Content - Ludia Forums

FANMADE 2.5 HYBRID REWORKS by KillerT_77 PART 2 - Jurassic World™ Alive / Community Content - Ludia Forums

i will add the other parts to this as i make them. from now on, please keep discussion about the topic here.

Thanks for putting this into community content, Hank. i dont know why it was listed as uncategorized.

Basically everything on here got a nerf except allosino, amargoceph, and ankylodicurus. Not a fan

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venator and ankyntro are 100% buffs. alanky and ankyloco got better too

But allosino got nerfed badly here too.i dont get it

It got the best swap-in in the game with good base damage. That’s a buff

agreed. plus dig in and resilient.

Why the change to allosino’s playstyle? It even has a chomper’s body shape. It’s current playstyle 100% suits it.

The antarcvenator rework is weird. It should have decelerating counter and the current moveset but with distracting imact and defense shattering rampage

Alloraptor is completely adapted to being a revenge killer, the change would be bad for it

I actually like current acrochanthops. This doesn;t work for it, either.

Actually, the only change I agree with is amargoceph. Everything else makes no sense.


Not really. Allosino’s playstyle is not meant to be the way ceratopsians’ are. In the boosted setting uts 1800 damage, 4500 damge, and 15% armor makes for a good revenge killer. It just doesn’t fit the swap in role at all


Biggest problem creature is acrocanthops. BIG nerf

thing is, this is based off of component accuracy

Doesn’t need to be. I don’t think components need to have something to do with the balance of the creatures


Not realy a revenge killer more of just a chomper

Yeah and allosino goes in allo’s direction it doesen’t have to be half and half

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Why would you nerf Antarcto more? It’s already bad enough.


Half of these make 0 sence

I don’t get it where ur goin with ankylodecirus it’s fine as a pure resilient

Allosino functions as a chomper it’s playstyle can’t suit both the ceratopsian one and the chomper one

Alloraptror just got ruined same with acrocanthops

The first few make no scense alanky makes some scense as well as anky and amargo but most of the other ones are like, just why

And antarcto needs a full redising into diplovenators direction not this


thats a buff

Why tho, you chopped of so much output and survivabilty. It really a just needs a better counter


1: this is hypothetical, with component accuracy. 2: 1300 damage with a counter is way too much.