Cancelled my vip today RIP JWA

Use to really love this game and put a lot of time and energy into my team only for luida to flush my team down the toilet since 1.7. I had the game open at least 8 hours a day before 1.7 now I open the game long enough to do my 10 battles to get the same creatures everyday and to see the same creatures all over the map.! I’m sorry I said 1.8 I really meant 1.7 I dd edit and did change it to 1.7 Screenshot_20190628-175010|236x500


I need Sinoceratops DNA to level up one of my dinos but haven’t seen one in over a month (except for the one that slaughtered 2 of my dinos in a battle today). I want DNA from both generations of T-Rex and they show up every other blue moon, often disappearing from the map before I can get close enough. I need Suchomimus DNA to level up one of my dinos, and one (one!) shows up once a day for about 20 minutes and always disappears before I can get to it. I haven’t seen a sabretooth in 2 weeks. And I get many many many “Special Events” that have limited time and feature Common dinos that are often present on the map nearby at the same time. (Don’t get me started on the battle glitches & sanctuary bugs.) Considering the lessons that Ludia should have learned with the v1.7 debacle, I’ll keep playing casually but no way am I giving them a penny for this quality of software.

Wow, 8 hours a day through 1.7? That’s a bit masochistic.


Same here! It’s not as fun as it used to be.

I feel with the last few updates I have been wanting to cancel my VIP but I can’t give up that extra DNA.

Wow, just wow. It took until 1.8 for your team to get wrecked. How lucky can you get? The rest of us had to start over from 2 or 3 of the updates.

Totally in awe and jealous.


“The hardest dinosaur to find in the game is the one you NEED!” - quote Stiffeno!

Also just go to any L4 for that Suchomimus, it literally infests the area. I have nearly 220,000 of it AND Suchotator unlocked and over 20 lol

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“Funny” (or not)

1.7 and the ridicolous different pricing of deals between countries and OS made me quit VIP and stopping spending a single cent on that game.

I still play it, don’t miss VIP at all but find 1.8 to be a (slight) improvement for me. Won’t make me spend again, though.

So, if you made it through 1.7 without cancelling VIP, what are the factors now?

Another reason I am at 3900 and my team is a mix of 24,23 and 21 with their boost on all of them at tier 3 boost yet matched time and time again with 25 thorScreenshot_20190630-153404