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Cancelled Subscription

Well Ludia My subscription is cancelled along with the other 3 i pay for within our household. You have a large base of players continuously screaming out the problems with this game yet nothing is done. I didn’t mind paying the subscription but find myself wondering what I’m paying for;

  • Longer drone range
  • Supply drop increase (marginal)
  • Over priced offers on already over priced purchases.

On a well balanced game that me and the family love playing that wouldn’t be a problem but…

  • The PvP matching is broken
    Mismatches and the dealing with sarcastic emoji droppers just aren’t being dealt with.
  • Raids are broken.
    A month now raids only being possible if using a 3rd party app to co-ordinate app restarts
    so notifications can be received. It should have been a quick fix just roll back an update to
    when it worked - pretty sure people would have preferred to run the raids than have an

Those are the 2 main things of gameplay within the game and they are both broken. Which leaves us with what? Darting for DNA of the same 8 continuously spawning dinos that we already have 100k + DNA for already… tournaments… and a handful of special events a day. Hardly worthy of a direct debit.

People on these forums are 1 of only 2 voices that can tell you how the games going…so i urge you to listen to them and act on what they say as the other voice that tells you somethings wrong is a decline in subscriptions. Listen to the one that doesn’t lose you revenue.


Ya you have taken too good points…fully agreed

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Couldn’t have said it better myself. I cancelled VIP 2 months ago and don’t miss it one bit. They really need to rework VIP benefits to make it worthwhile. And I’m not going to even think of resubscribing to VIP until they fix matchmaking (specifically for Shores).


I canceled mine and I also don’t miss it. My wife asked me what exactly VIP perks I got. After I explained it to her I saw what she did, very little in return for what you spend. I don’t mind supporting a game that I like to play. I am slowly losing my desire to play this. Where I used to spend hours a day on JWA I now struggle to want to log on. Ludia can give us update after update but when problems exist and they refuse to fix them all it does is compound the issues. If it were not for my alliance I would have probably left or at least scaled my playing down. It’s sad, Ludia has/had a gold mine on their hands but because of poor management and lack of communication they risk losing it…


Exactly my thinking and exactly what I did

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