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Cancelled VIP! Done with this game!


There’s only so much dissatisfaction you can get from a game before you give up. I truly believe it’s seriously bugged or rigged. The recent battles are ridiculous…I took on a cloaked chacater that dodged 4/4 times…to then land 4/4 critical hits…knocking me out in less than a minute. Angered I tried another battle…to where I failed my evade 3/3 times, to then be knocked out with yet another 3-4 critical hits…not to mention nearly all their dinos that got them have only 5% crit hit! Mine on the other hand all have 20%+…yet not ONE critical hit from my side. I can no longer enjoy a game that’s left that much to chance…no skill involved. Oh yeah 3/4 chance to stun huh??? I think mines more like 1/8. Can’t remember the last time I had any of he possiive effects on this game?! Oh hang on yeah I do…on the incubator events. Cheers ludia , should have stuck with the older JW game


I cancelled a few weeks ago. I thought I’d regret during this week because I’d miss out on dilo. But it was the opposite, the depletion of green supply drops (and dilo itself) reassured me.

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It’s the ridiculous way the RNG (random number generator, which determines your luck) swings.

Keep playing a few more days, it swings the other way.

But, yeah I get it. This game works on slight skill and lots of luck.


Personally, I’ve been frustrated with some unfair situations, but that’s all to do with bugs or delays. I don’t think it’s fair to overreact based on a probability fail that you experienced in one day. And I’m sorry, if you tell me it happens every day, I won’t believe it because we’re all playing the same game and I know the chances sway both ways. You just take note of the bad ones and overlook the good ones.


I almost felt the need to track down an opponent the other day to apologise - I got every evade and crit - they got none. Ended 3-0 with my only damage being about 300 HP from a counter attack. Teams were evenly matched so it was almost embarassing! Almost.


No, I’ve refused to put anymore money into this ridiculous game because this happens daily…I didn’t have a Critical hit in a battle for 3days…and I’d battle like 9 times a day! This game is riddled with bugs…when I do go to win, it freezes, my opponent becomes invisible and it gives he victory to the opponent?! I win like 2 out of 9 fights now! And it’s not even close, crit hit…dodge…all at 100% success while mine fail 8/10 times! And a lot of people have this same issue


9 battles a day is nothing. But I can relate. I am also loosing matches due to game freezing/de-synchronising in the middle of the battle. I don’t like randomness, but it does benefit me as much as it harms me. There are bad and good streaks, that’s normal for all of us.

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I felt so bad today because of an RNG for my opponent. I mean he missed every single 75% stun. A 1/9,765,625 chance he attacked with 5 75% stuns!! I have told Ludia repeatedly that their system is messed up. Simple statistics say otherwise.


Sooner or later we’ll all cancel VIP and quite this game. But it’s sad that Ludia makes everything to make it sooner.

So much complaining about RNG and dodges. It really annoys when opponent dodges 3 times in a row and when my indo does the same I feel sorry about it cause it’s not fair.

I get crit rate, I get stun rate, but evasion makes me really mad.

But we all also know that nobody cares, so it just makes our decision to uninstall this game closer and closer.


I can’t even post about my experience because they keep hiding it.

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Seems that the broken RNG involves something happening repeatedly, regardless of probability… Like 5% crits landing in a row, 75% stuns missing… those things happen A LOT.

The fact that it can help both sides doesn’t matter. The main problem is that the outcome of battles is too RNG dependent and that sucks… And if it’s a broken RNG, it’s even worse.


1/9765625 chance of something happening and the other player suffered.


5 missed stuns in a row


Look if you don’t like Random it’s cool. I mean he is just a normal guy trying to play a game doing the best he can.

I mean it’s not Mr Generator’s fault that the sun does or doesn’t rise. He is just an unofficial member of you team my team all teams.

Its been said that it’s not that random that it runs in streaks… Even in real life “read the book lost World Malcolm talks about gamblers ruin”

I’ve noticed this to be true.

Also critical hits provide the upper range of damage a Dino MAY do. The listed damage is what it will do to normal unsheilded un armored Dino’s.

Look at critical the same way you look at a damage range in other games max/min. It helps keep frustration away.

Also your randomness is finite in both directions and time dependent. “this mean that like your bank account there is a balance”

You start with “let’s say 10,000 bucks”

Now your Dino is constantly using it for every strike and dodge etc “let’s say food and bills”

Now some bills cost more than others. And as such can empty your bank faster.

When you run out of money you go negative right? Have to pay fees bounced checks etc… Same with rng you high percentage stuff doesn’t land you don’t get critical hits you get dodged and critical against you.

What happens is after a while you get paid again and reset the cycle “random number enforcer script steps out”

So if you find that you are constantly going over budget in real life what do you do? You reduce your expenses and control your habits better.

So if you tune your team to rely less on critical hits dodges etc and learn to recognize when your luck is running low you can manage quite well.

In short…

You gotta know when to hold em know when to fold em.


RNG sucks… then again… anything “random” sucks… just ask anyone who has lost at a casino…

VIP has nothing to do with the battle system… it isn’t going to give you better odds or anything like that… all VIP does is give you 1 free incubator, 33% more battery and range… “Cancel VIP battle system sucks!” lol - those types of posts crack me up…

To quit because of battles though… you have to remember, just about everyone has that run of bad luck… I no longer bank on anything that is RNG… I play my dinos as if RNG didn’t exist…

evasive stance… there you go opponent, here is a free attack, maybe I’ll get lucky and you’ll miss… nope… you hit me… oh, you’re faster and you’re going to go again… great… maybe you’ll miss me… nope… dead dino… maybe I should have just attacked the begin with and did some damage… but then they do evasive stance… and none of my attacks hit them and I’m still dead…

This bad RNG is only happening to me… maybe I should rage quit and post it on the forums!

So don’t pay for VIP and keep playing… unless you’re not enjoying the game, in which case… quit already… there are millions of other things you can do than play this game…


No one cancels VIP because the arena is wonky and they believe it has something to do with VIP, we cancel because we don’t believe in giving money to a company that’s so messed up.

That, and because VIP isn’t really worth the money, IMHO. $120/yr to play a phone game? I never spent that much on a console game that I keep and can play whenever.


I’m soon after ya.

As it is now, the game dosen’t offer any specific worth my money.



I went with that because of the OP…

I completely understand the not paying part… one doesn’t have to pay to enjoy the game though… The OP was basing everything of the RNG of battles as the reason to cancel the VIP…

Nowhere did he mention that RNG affects darting… which it really doesn’t… that’s the biggest factor of the VIP no matter how small it is that they expect monthly payments for about 4-6 more seconds of darting…

So yeah… if you don’t have fun in battles, doesn’t mean you have to give up the game… would I expect people to pay? Nope… I haven’t bought a power up since they were $20… can’t fathom the idea of paying $50 for an incubator at level up or arena up… not for something virtual… $10 per month for VIP… I do pay that for the extra darting…

I just rarely do anything with the arena battles anymore… because they aren’t fun… it is 100% luck if I win… I used to consistently keep all my incubators… now, I could care less… and I spend no more than the $9.99 month for VIP… which will more than likely cancel soon… but I still enjoy darting the few random dinos I find…


Perhaps the OP was basing canceling VIP due to the fact he would no longer be playing.

I mean, I’m sure there are those out there that will pay VIP and have quit playing.

Smart move on his part.


Haha at least you got it!..some on here have struggled with what I said. I no longer enjoy this game, the battles are so extremely poor…I used to do about 20 a day but I halved that once I reached 4000 trophies. People keep saying don’t rely on evade/cloak or crit hits, and use more tactical play…well that’s hard to do when the opponents evade and critical hit you drastically more than half the time. Even a good strategy can’t beat that!! So yeah the point is, I no longer want to pay anything for this awful game. I know vip doesn’t effect battles… but being the main part of the game, I don’t want to waste anymore cash on this. I loved the other jw game, the battling system on it was great