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Cancelled VIP! Done with this game!

The RNG swings are ridiculous.
Last night I swept my opponent’s entire team with a Gorgosuchus L20, two of the kills were one shots.
I felt terrible for my opponent.
We were pretty well equally matched.

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I honestly believe the problems with this game will only get worse because people refuse to acknowledge them. So many people point out the flaws, whether it’s the bugs, the ridiculously unbalanced dinos or the ludicrous amounts of rng, and yet others will try to shut them up, calling them crybabys or whiners. Enabling this stuff does not help the game; it simply drives people who are not blinded away. Eventually there wont be enough players to keep this game going, and on that day Ludia will absolutely abandon it like a puppy after christmas as soon as it stop giving them profit.


I have nothing more to afd to this. I just wish the deluded Ludia-lovers would wake up and smell the money pit.


Quit playing, you won’t regret it

Been an aweful night in the arena for me as well. Only played 6 matches but fought an indo in every match, always 3 to 4 levels higher then my average team level too. I was unable to hit through evasion even one time.

I seemed to be a crit magnet tonight as well and to top it all off, I also had to deal with that horribly broken and unbalanced Draco G2 most of the matches, thanks to developer incompetence. There is no reason what-so-ever for that SIA to do 2x dmg.

I think it was the 3rd or 4th match where I got the “waiting for opponent to respond” and timed out, only to be thrown back in to a 0 - 2 game. Waiting for opponent to respond my butt. My opponent seemed to have no problem “responding” to my lagged out team.

Out if the 6 matches I fought, it didnt give me my indo until the 6th match and I was hit both times through my evasion.

It was pretty clear to me at this point, after everything else, that there was litterally no point in continuing, so I logged off for the night and went to another game where I actually had fun for awhile. I remember when this game used to be fun… but that was back in vanilla through 1.3.

2 days ago I was over 5k, and was able to get my arena incubators. Now, since they launched the 638th tournement and bottlenecked the living heck out of everyone, again, I cant even seem to get 1.

Not planning on quitting or canceling vip just yet, but dang, there isn’t much left to do in JWA when you lose interest in combat. Especially due to horrible programming, unfair rng and game breaking bugs. Not much to do but log off, actually.


If you ever google Ludia you can find they have done this once before… people woke up one day and there game wouldnt start… customer service wouldnt respond to emails even from game press. Game was just gone.

The temporary increase in player base from the Christmas event is gone… galaxy data shows the lowest playerbase yet. 1.6 at this point might not be quite enough.

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I hear you. I gave up on battles I think 2 tournaments ago. I don’t miss battling, but I do miss having something else to do in-game. I don’t battle, I don’t level (in part because I don’t battle and because I’m waiting on the update to decide if it’s worth it), so all that’s left is darting and strike events. And when it’s cold out and the map is empty and you live in the middle of a suchomimus-filled wasteland, that palls pretty quickly.

The only other mobile game I play consistently is, embarrassingly, a Simon’s Cat candy crush-type game. There are over 1,000 main game levels, but they consistently roll out updates with other side features, and they’re amazing: tournaments which are entirely opt-in, timed treasure chases, social challenges, even mini-games like spot the difference. The point is that I often wish JWA were more like Simon’s Cat, insofar as I wish it had more than 2 things to offer. I only open the app now when I’m running errands. Keep coming back to the forums hoping to find some good news about the game, and keep coming up short.


I love Simons cat, it’s like a guilty pleasure. You’re not the only one.:blush:

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Just look in your alliances.

How many 0 trophy count players are there?

Mine is ten percent, mostly players above level 16 with decent creatures.

They haven’t logged in since at least the last tournament started, they’re likely gone.

Either they got banned for spoofing, or this game is circling the drain. Either way, ten percent is significant.

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1 out of 50 in my Alliance, so 2% - not trying to make a point, just stating a fact. But then again our Alliance is made up of players who are active on a daily basis and enjoy the game - our top 13 are in the top 500 (I’m way down in 27th at the moment).

Well, good for you. You should be proud of your exceptional Alliance members.
I had little doubt someone would pipe up and point out the top leaders aren’t leaving at the same rate as normal players.

That was quick, good job.

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I cancelled the VIP on my account back in October because of frustration of the app not performing as I feel a product should at minimum. The game itself is somewhat addictive. Like Pokemon, after passing the 6 month mark of playing, I’m wearing from the repetitiveness and the longer and longer it is taking to progress.

This game is basic. Dart Dino’s - Build Dino’s - Battle. Not sure what they can add for a change up of these 3 basics.

This is the same with Pokemon with winter and stuck inside, it’s just a matter of time here, I’m just not even going to open the game at all. I can’t do much of what I like. I grew tired of going to battle towers in Pokemon. Forget it when its only 3° F (-16 C) outside.

Back to indoor console games for a couple or few months.


RNG sucks for me too, so I’ve focused on using strong immunes and nullifying dinos. I’ve had more success this way.


We can all start spoofing. At least then the spawns won’t suck. :man_shrugging:


1.6 will just be a new batch of dinos and nerfs to dinos people have been spending resources on. That’s all the updates are anymore; never anything that fixes the game or improves it in any way. Last patch we were supposed to get a load of bug fixes; we were told over and over again when we reported bugs that a big update and fix was coming. Well the update came and the bugs remained. Ludia’s tactics are just to throw as much shiny glitter in the air as possible with new dinos in the hope it distracts people from the mess they’re walking in.


As I see it. We still need more options in the game.

I would love the past idé from the forum to have own strike-towers where you can put your own dinos to beat other players who cross the road. Etc. etc.

Problem is at my level 19. There are not that mutch to do anymore.