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Cancelled VIP subscription

It really doesn’t do anything to speed up progress it honestly feels like a waste of money


Early on it was a godsend for me but now I’m almost level 16 finding dinos I actually want/need to dart is becoming an massive issue due to there being far too few spawns for local/specific time dinos leading to my map being flooded with same global spawns 24/7.
I’ve been trying to get a Dakota to spawn since it was released and haven’t had a single one despite luring/constantly checking every night and living in local 2.

If it wasn’t for the featured dinos each week I’d consider cancelling aswell.

I had vip for almost 1.5 years and cancelled last month due to shores matchmaking fiasco. I haven’t missed it at all. Until they fix overall matchmaking (esp Shores) and add better features for VIP, I’m not going back to it. It really doesn’t benefit you at all unless you’re a beginning player. But even then I don’t think the cost of $120 a year is really worth it.


Overall it’s just lacking getting a little larger radius is the only benefit and guess the first time purchase but really it’s useless

It’s definitely not worth $10 a month. It’s only value right now is for beginning players to get it for one month. Get epic inc and time it when legendary or unique Dinos are part of event map.

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Also ich kann dem ganzen nur zustimmen, ich kann jetzt schon seit 2 Tagen Kisten öffnen doch was bekomme ich tzzzz.
Nur Pfeile alles andere hat das Limit erreicht, Limit aha also darf man jede Woche mal hoffen das man scheine oder anderes bekommt. Ist doch ein Witz

Translated from German

So I only agree with the whole thing, I have been able to open boxes for 2 days now but what do I get tzzzz.
Only arrows everything else has reached the limit, limit aha so you can hope every week that you get shine or something else. It’s a joke

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I bought VIP for one month to increase the battery life of the drone (the incubator at the time was part of the draw as well), but when I found that targets could ESCAPE when you direct-hit them into going mostly straight negated the entire battery issue I cancelled immediately. The lack of any meaningful other perks to VIP meant I missed quite literally nothing by being a subscriber.

A lot of potential has been wasted by poorly-thought-out implementations in this game.


After this unfair matches… Why pay?!


I’ve never paid any money on the game and I have everything I’ve ever gone for. 18 max level creatures and have everything collected besides some apex and the Dakota hybrid.

Thanks for your comment . I also cancel my vip subscriptions. With all the bugs we have , and seriously I don’t see the difference because I always see the same creatures in my area and get dna with events or with the raid .

Thanks for your help I will save money

Increased radius doesn’t help. VIP exclusive store offers are absurd; you’re paying a monthly fee for the privilege of … paying even more? Ludia’s shenanigans since 2.3 have also turned me off spending on the game - Shores matchmaking and short range spawns were handled atrociously and 2.4 hasn’t addressed them at all.


Ive found dakotaraptor. It’s out there.

I’m sure it is, I have found zero however despite putting in the effort. Mix that with close range rares no longer spawning for me and I’m pretty much out of dinos to use my VIP bonus darting on.

I still have VIP, but I cant argue with all your points. The exclusive offers are extremely overpriced. I also agree on price. Extra range, battery life and epic incubator in dailys isn’t really enough. They should give a monthly reward to VIPs honestly