Cancelled VIP & uninstalled. Goodbye


Started playing at the beginning of June.

Here’s some feedback for the developers:

The first month and a bit was fantastic fun and I really enjoyed getting out and about collecting the dinosaur DNA.

I’ve spent about $100 on the game.

Didn’t like how aggressive the one-time only level up deals were. I would have preferred more time to think about the purchase decision.

Didn’t like how the level up deals got progressively more expensive (stopped purchasing them when they got to $60 a go).

The battle system is good. I have not had the errors others seem to have but I have only battled when at home on WiFi.

One of the reasons for stopping is the coin cost. I’m not sure if you’ve got the economy sorted correctly yet. I’ve now reached the stage where my Einiasuchus and Velociraptor are both ready to evolve to level 19. That’s 30,000 each but I only have 30,000 total. Basically I can evolve one but then be stuck grinding coins for a long time (many days) before being able to evolve the other.

The events are great and have really helped with getting those elusive Rares and Epics.

Main reason for quitting is that the game has now reached the stage where it feels like a boring grind going out to collect DNA and spin supply drops for coins and also having to keep logging in often to collect Battle incubators now feels like a burden rather than a joy.

Probably played it too intensely and have peaked too soon.

Continued in 1st reply.


Continued from OP…

I have reached Arena 7 and enjoyed being able to compete at the highest tier (3200-3300 trophy range, nowhere near the best though at 5000 trophies).

The VIP subscription does not really offer enough to justify the cost in my opinion. The Epic incubator was great but was a one-time only thing. The extra drone range and time and the higher daily coin cap is really useful but not worth the money.

Finally, one of the most enjoyable aspects have been helping others on these forums, either answering questions or linking to support topics.

I think we have a good community here (despite the annoying forum filter!).

May return at some point in the future but for now I’m taking a break.

Good luck to all. Peace :v:


Damn, now you too?.. sad to see you go but I completely understand that the game feels like a boring grind…I feel that way too, have for awhile. Hope to see you in the future again at some point. Hopefully by then the game will have more to offer but I doubt it. Goodluck and take care =]


I completely understand. I am now at a point where i could evolve or upgrade about 60 dinos 2 to 3 times but i do not have enough coins. I am reaching the coin limit every day ( with vip) but i i do not get enough coins. Very unsatisifying to grind for dna which you cannot use because coins are missing…


Its all about making you buy coins, this game is far too oriented to getting your money. I play other GPS based games (Pokemon Go & Ingress), both have in game purchases but neither have the same pay to win, only make (non glacially slow) game progress if you buy items. Ingress & pokemon have longevity, I doubt JWA will last long as you soon get to stage where only way to progress is buy coins - I’m only L8 (& only in arena 5) and have a lot of unevolved Dino’s as I do not want to waste the small amount of coins I have left as I want them to evolve arena Dino’s as cannot progress further in arenas with current team low levels


Totally agree.
This game isn’t pay to win, when you keep work hard on collecting DNA, you’ll notice finally your coins aren’t enough to keep level up dinos.
So…the truth is pay to play. You have no other choice but buy their coins.

Just look this girl, 90000 coins? Who can level up her without exchange cash to coin?

PMGO also got a similar system called stardust, but its far more easier to collect. JWA only give you very few coins from supply stops, but request thousands for level up.

I am a subscribed user, also bought every one time offers. (they are expensive, I know) But still can’t avoid such affliction.


So I come back and you leave? That’s so sad… But I perfectly understand you. The coin issue is too much, it just takes down your eagerness to play. It stops being fun. Take your time and rest from all these annoying issues. I hope you come back, but if you don’t, it’s been great having you around <3


I’m more or less bottlenecked at the same spot.

I have 28 dinos I’d like to level up but I simply can’t afford to. I’m not very mobile so there are only so many supply drops I can hit in a day, and the number of coins to get are paltry. I’m not sure what else to do, since “friend battling” is what I’m looking forward to most now but what do I do until then?

You’ll be missed, as will reading your posts in Chris Pratt’s voice. Be well!


Ironically, I can pay hundreds and thousands $ for coins. But being in a remote area, I don’t have anything useful to level.