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Cancelled VIP

Hi Ned

I have not cancelled my VIP yet just logged on and all VIP is blocked. I just paid the last invoice 25/12…. I can not access VIP chests or extra ladder advantages. I am paying for something I am not getting. I don’t want to click on join VIP again as defo just paid.
I will raise a ticket now but any advice or issue you know of

Hey Quaid33, may I ask if you are logged into the same app store account you had purchased the subscription on?

Hi Ned

Yes , all the same. I have now got my VIP back. I tried about 6/7 hours today with various login times and always VIP was closed to me. Just logged in again now and I am back to my VIP package. . I did raise a ticket and lost out on half a day bonus but glad it seems ok. Worth letting your team know though as I changed nothing at all.

Happy new year BTW

Hi Ned

Raised a ticket with support 8 days ago and I have heard nothing since … is this acceptable ?!

Hey Quaid33, I’ve sent you a private message.