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Canine creature family concept

I have previously made a post about this that got converted with another topic and was never seen. plus now that we have the Jwa toolbox, I decided it would be easier to format them that way.
so I present to you a new creature family: Canidae!

the version of howl on andrewsarchus is different (no reasoning tbh) which version would be better?

seems cool

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thank you


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With the howl, I would take the the non priority howl myself. Its a rampage that increases speed of you and your teammates, though Amphicyon is abosolute garbage with stats. Itf its attack is that low, it should have some ridiculous health, or the better option, give it more health and damage, with a bit of speed in there as well, because currently, everything it sees will laugh at it, and kill it no problem. Also, Andrewsarchus needs a bit of loving as well. Currently, the only good one is the Dire wolf, and that damage is a bit much. I would give it either 1500 or 1400, and have everyone get medium counter attack.


alright, thank you for the feedback. i will change that as soon as i can.

You don’t have to. Its just suggestions of mine. They are no more relevant than a speck of dirt. Its just my opinions on the matter.

i think what you have suggested would make these guys more realistic compared to real creatures. and i quite appreciate your feedback. do you have any other opinions?

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If you do have 2 howls, which I wouldn’t mind, then have the one that rampages stay the same, but the priority one needs a slightly different name, and a 100 percent chance to speed up. Here are some ideas
Tanky Amphicyon

Glass Cannon Amphicyon

nice, i just saw your versions after i finished mine as well.

I’m creating some for Andrew and Dire as well. I think you might like the names for the howling moves.

ok, but in all honesty the difference between the two i had before was accidental.

Its good. I like the Howl move

thank you, just think how nice that could be in pvp or in raids

Thats how Im making mine, but it will be 2 separate howls, and then after these guys a hybrid between them to get both howls.

why a hybrid between two of the canines? and which ones?

Andrewsarchus and Dire Wolf, and I have explained why I want a hybrid of the 2

oh, i never saw a post where you said that.

This is the post.


oh ok. but to be fair you never said andrewsarchus and dire wolf.