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Cannot access game

Jeez, Ludia…

I cannot access the game. Sudden error appears saying the connection failed (error 10029). It’s definitely an error in the game, my connection is fine, I’m using Discord, Safari and I’m also streaming…

The game won’t load, it just shows the error.

Some other players from my alliance also experience this.

Please fix this soon. Most unpleasing. It’s definitely no fun during raid and arena battles. iPhone user.

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I had the same problem some minutes ago, it finally fixed but I had to shutdown my phone

Tried the same, still nothing. :frowning:

First I thought this was some sort of emergency maintenance to fix the wrong alliance rewards they’ve messed up again. But then we’d all be affected, right? I mean all of us couldn’t access the game if this was a fix.

I am having the same issues.

Same here! Cant access the game, error Message 10029

Happens on iOS iPhone 12 and iPad

But works on Android


This is on the iPhone 11.

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Same here.

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Right, I forgot, my device is an iPhone 11 Pro Max.
So it seems to be an iOS problem.

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Anyone know how to fix this or if ludia even knows about it?

They still know nothing.

Yea, great update ludia, now we are at risk of loosing all of our accounts

Yeah, I’m having this problem as well on iPhone X

Notified our team! :mag:


Same here. iPhone X, signed in via Game Centre.

Now is says this.

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Also I am signed in via Facebook so idk if that matters of if anyone else that’s signed in that way is having this

Working here now!

Yup me to, Thx Ned for the help!!!

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