Cannot access "old" account


I downloaded the App from Google play a few weeks ago and was having fun with it. I made a few “minor” purchases and was starting to get a nice bunch of critters and reached level 4

However …

My phone decided to crash and I ended up having to have it wiped back to factory settings

I went back to the google play store … redownloaded and installed the app but it is now forcing me to start from scratch … it seems all my progress has been lost ?

I have tried to search this issue but had no luck finding an answer

I emailed support 4 days ago but have only received the automated “Thanks and we will get to you ASAP” response

I have to admit I did not make a note of my original user id (Jay and some numbers) but even if I did have them I am not being presented with any way to “log in”. Following the first click after the reinstall I am back to square one

Is there some obvious way I am missing to get my original account back ? I had kind of assumed using the same google play accout/email to get the app back on my phone would do it automatically

Any help or insight gratefully received




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