Cannot collect my requests

Hello, during the last few days, every time I would request DNA from my alliance members, 6 hours later, the request would have disappeared and I wouldn’t be able to collect it.
And I don’t mean that nobody donated, because in that case I would still have had to discard the request. I mean that it just literally wasn’t there anymore.
Please look into this problem, I’ve missed a lot of DNA because of this and I would love for it to go back to normal.
Thank you in advance

Hello IndoraptorSupremacy. Could you please message our team at with your support key so they can look into it?

Thank you!

I’ve had the same problem and lasted 2 months I should’ve gotten around 128 requests collected

But I know you are all busy so I won’t rush you guys for a fix

Same here most requests disappear even tho had dna on them for past 2 months.