Cannot connect through home wifi


Hey guys,

I hope someone here could help me with this as I wrote to the support and they gave me a very standardised procedure that was not worth the hastle in the end.

So the thing is that the game works fine through mobile data and not through my home wifi. I do not use proxys and my dns is also not the problem. Overall my home wifi is a couple of times faster than my data.

Usually the game doesnt load past 1/23 (collecting extraction darts) and if it does, it never gets past 8/23 (coordinates). If I manage to log into the game with data (as it also sometimes gets stuck on 8/23), I can switch into wifi without major problems, but then things happen like incubators not wanting to open or the batlle area not allowing me to use the same non cooldown move twice in a row.

This has been only happening since the latest update and it is very annoying.


Does your router (Assuming you use one) have malicious blocking enabled? Also check the firewall settings.


No such thing on my router. Firewall also seems pretty low


I had a similar experience a week ago. I just uninstalled the game and then installed it again. Be sure to connect to Google play and Facebook before doing so so as to save the game progress.


I did that already. Didnt help. Thanks anyways