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Cannot connect to Jurassic World Alive using GUEST account

So I was playing JWA for quite sometime now, and every once a week, most likely Thursday, my game glitch out, and it says it is “having trouble connecting to our servers”. I am playing in the GUEST account as well, which I think saves locally, and don’t require any connection to your servers.

So could anyone tell me how to solve this problem? Usually it disappears after about two days, but I want to actually get the weekly epics and Nundasuchus. So please tell me how to solve this. Thanks

Hi there Pancake!

Please try going to your device settings > WiFi, and then tapping your network to forget it. You can then try reconnecting to your WiFi network to see if that helps.
If you’re still having issues, please contact our support team here at

I recommend linking your account to either Facebook or Google Play as you can be at risk of losing data if there are device crashes or updates.

I’m having the same problem I’ve done everything I can to try and fix it but nothing seems to be working

Try clearing the game cache and see if that does it. I had same problem and I did this which solved the problem.

How would u do that on iPhone

I’m Android but it should be just the same. Settings, storage, games, click on JW icon a window will open and clear cache should be there.