Cannot connect to JWA using cellular data

It started last weekend, when I went out and finished darting each time, all the supply drops/dinos were gone from the map, and then I had to restart, every single time! Also, each restarting took several tries and took forever. Now, I cannot even connect to JWA using cellular data while perfectly fine with Wifi.

My cellular data connection is 5g full bar. Don’t know why this happens but supers annoying, since I cannot go out and pay JWA now.

Anyone has encountered similar issues?

While traveling, after darting a few dinos or doing some strike towers and such, my game would sometimes just load map with nothing on it but my little circle zone thing, and when using scents the mist and dinos. I just had to exit my game and relog back in, no problems there tho

Dump AT&T and go with Verizon or T-Mobile. :nerd_face: