Cannot download update on iOS

Super frustrated!!! Tried downloading several times and it won’t update

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me too, it reach 75% and then start again from 0 :sob:

My progress Also has just reset, again 2.9? Get something done properly for once lydia

Same here goes to 75% completion then it restarts the download… Lost almost a day of velociraptor dna cause of this update…

Is this on wifi, or cellular?

Both, same issue here.

Same thing is happening with my brother

Tried both WiFi and 4g, gets 3/4 of the download then starts again

Having same issue.

Likely too many people trying to download at once, and the update is not a small download. Just got mine downloaded after several attempts.

Yep same issue. I cannot get the update to download. Multiple tries. Finally got to 100% opened the game and it sent me back to the store. Again. Completely sucks.

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That doesn’t appear to be the issue since mine actually finished but not really. They were just kidding

I got it downloaded on one Ipad but having the same issues getting it to download on my other one. It stops in random places but usually 75%.

(I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy)
I updated, but continue to get this over & over…

Uninstall the app. Reboot your phone and then go to playstore and redownload it.

For Ipad users, delete the app, keeping your subscription if you have one. Then go to the Apple store and redownload it. When it gets to 75% where it then likes to stop and go back to the update, now that it can’t update what isn’t there, it will hopefully continue and finish loading the updated game.

Same thing happened to me. I was eventually able to get it to work. Had to exit out of all my apps and restart the game. I also restarted my phone

I’ll try that, hope it works