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Cannot fight in arena

So I have installed the new update and right after this I am no longer able to fight in arena; the pairing with opponents is stuck on constant loading screen and if I try to click on revenge button it won’t let me to revenge even though the button is green it is irresponsive. Does anyone else have the same issue after update? Or is arena currently down for everyone?


Down for everyone as per discord

What discord?

The reroll button does not work.

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I do not even get to reroll button :frowning:


I think there is a general problem @ned @marcus ??

Thanks for reporting this to us, everyone! I’ll inform our team.


I have same exact problem, I’m stuck in infinite loading screen, cannot press anything


Same here, it was working this morning, also I cannot switch/click tiles in the bottom line, but if I click the autoplay they move

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Same for me, stuck loading opponent :confused:

Same for me

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Same for me too :crying_cat_face:

Yet another same. Lots of bugs for such a small update. Come on guys…


Такая же проблема с ареной.

Apparently no one can play Arena. When to fix? there is an explanation ? @Ned

Also stuck - won’t pair me up or let me revenge.

I am on iOS/Apple

Same here.

Same here, too… :sob:

Same problem here. Seems every update brings problems with the arena…