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Cannot get a tournament battle

I went to have a tournament battle today, but realised I had the wrong team and hit cancel. I was then told I had lost a battle 3-1. This was annoying but I got my team and went to try again. The loading screen NEVER ENDS. When I finally give up and hit cancel button I get the same defeat message. Ludia; why are you so incapable of doing ANYTHING right?

So I decided to give the tournament a try. After entering I suddenly remembered I had the wrong team, so I quickly cancelled to change it. The game THEN announced I had lost a match 3-1. Umm what? Then when I try to start another game I’m stuck on the loading screen forever until I cancel, at which point I’m told I’ve been defeated again. Ludia; why are you so UTTERLY incompetent?

Hey UncannyThoradalasaur, I’m sorry that happened during your Tournament battle, and I can understand the frustration. Please rest assured that our team is looking into the increased connection issues around battles.

There are some troubleshooting steps here as well that could help for connection issues: