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Cannot get arena battles

Been out of incubators and cannot find arena battles around the 5800 trophy count. Literally been trying for an hour and cannot get matched up.

I would rather have people spam AI battles in tournament. It’s made the arena literally unplayable.


it even takes forever at 4250

Like I don’t mind waiting but after 2 or 3 minutes I have to cancel and restart the search to make sure the game didn’t error.

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Too many people in the tournament no one in the areana…

Yup. Which is what’s annoying about them pulling AI from arena also.

Oh man, I cannot get battles at the 10000 trophy level…

I’ve been fighting ai at 5k.

Perhaps if Ludia didn’t have a whiners, web site, more people would get help an quit less.

Apparently saying the tournament ends tomorrow,
The arena will be back in action so we can go back to fighting it out for top contribution on battles,
Was flagged so i’ll try again…

Imagine all the the people that dropped boosts on common, rare, epics. :innocent:

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We in Aviary don’t want to be your cannon fodder so we’re sitting it out… or arena dropping.

I’ve had no trouble getting matches (~ 4,800 after losing hundreds of trophies) but I’m getting very tired of getting trounced by OP boosted Thoras and the like.

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Its madness right now some of the boosts at 5600 are insane…

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Lol I didn’t get to exploit the glitches. Didn’t get any of the unlimited boosts for sale or the speed boosts. Only got the daily one’s I bought and the 1 time a speed was for sale.

Don’t cancel.
Turn on the music in settings, hit battle, and set aside.
When you hear “WWWAAAHHH” sound you will know it found a match.

This game has sound?

Three hours and I cannot get matched up. I’m definitely putting a ticket for a daily battle incubator if by the time I go to bed tonight still get no matches. I’m willing to lose over and over again to get only one dino down per battle, even be swept 0-3 a few times, but I cannot even ATTEMPT this if there is no matches to be had.

Tournament should count as defeat 10

I’m in the 3800 to 4000 range and get a battle every time. Also my boosted dino’s are pretty evenly matched with others in my range. I must be in a sweet spot as I seem to be staying in this range. I was in this range before 1.7 and still stuck here now but it takes using every boost I get on my dino’s to hold this position. If your not getting boosts daily, your going to sink in trophy’s.

How many trophies? I just battled 10 times with minimal wait times and got back > 4,900. The mm algorithm must be all messed up above a certain level (all my opponents were between 4,700 and 5,200).

Have you tried swapping out your boosted team for an unboosted B team?

Honestly they should just give everyone a button tjat lets is que with the top players for no trophy gains… but incubator rewards… maybe 100 coins for people queuing up to be fodder…call it a test your team button… solves a problem for ludia… gives coins strapped players another way to earn coins… givesnthe top players a way to get incs

I like that idea, test your team. Battle the players at the top for no trophy concern but incubator rewards. I would definitely try that out for some fun.