Cannot hatch escaped creature

Isn’t it a bit weird, that u cannot hatch a new creature, if some dino’s of the same species escaped your park? I fail to see the relation between this event and the hatching. Is it intended, or just a flaw that ludia should fix?

This probably belongs over in the Help & Support category. Someone like @Ned might be able to answer your question. I assume it’s intentional since the paddock is locked as a result of the escape and the hatched creature would have nowhere to go.


Hey Belboxtel, that is intended.

@Mary_Jo, great explanation btw. :smiley:

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Ah okay. Was just wondering… it’s not really logical, but that just my 2 cents. Thanks for answering.

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I think another way to look at it is that the paddock that has failed a code 19 has been broken, creatures running a muck in the park (all of them in that paddock since the paddock itself has malfunctioned). Since this is the case you would not be able to do anything associated with that paddock, which would include hatching additional creatures for that paddock.

Okay, sounds a bit more logical, but then again the hatchery isn’t in the paddock, so to start a hatch should still be not related to this. Maybe placing the hatched creature, if you follow the explanation of chris. But, I am not bothered by the way it is like now, was just wondering if it was overlooked.