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Cannot join alpha fight


great, now what…
cannot even play the new alpha fight. reboot phone, uninstall and then install the game. leave and join clan.

now i cannot join any clan, says you can only join 3 clans per day …

really made my day…


I have that too.
Now what are suppose to do?
Is it due to me being in a clan of my own and no one else has joined?


I assume the alpha got disintegrated and there’s some mechanic to prevent clanhopping. A lot of people in my clan also got left out too, because I got greedy. It will stabilize once either the alphas scale up or you could select the appropriate alpha to battle.


Hey everyone, Alpha Battles are turned off for the moment because out team are looking into fixing the issue with them. They will be available again soon!


@Ren are keys going to be made a collective thing with the clan or are they staying seperate?


Please allow a 24 hour join period so that everyone in the clan can get some keys. It took 4 people to down the first alpha and they did it in minutes. Track damage and have tiered key payouts so that those that joined can at least get some keys