Cannot purchase Money

So I’ve been trying like crazy to purchase money but I can’t do it. The game says I need to contact apple support. I’m not sure why. other purchases seem to work fine and I was able to purchase VIP just fine. For some reason though, when I attempt to purchase cash the game doesn’t do anything. I’ve used Tapjoy to get some money but most of the good money requires me to buy stuff, or it’s a scam and doesn’t work right.

I’m frustrated because I have no way other than ingame ways to earn money consistently. PLEASE someone help me figure out why I can’t puchase any cash. I tried contacting Support but apparently I’m not a priority, I mean, I can’t even buy one time offers because of this. It’s that bad. I want to know why I can’t buy anything and how I can fix it.

Hey Justin_Harris, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues making in-game purchases. Although I’m not really sure why that might happen, our team would be happy to assist you further with this once they get a chance to see your email/ticket if you had already reached out to them.

If it’s possible, could you try re-adding your payment method in your app store and see if that helps?

Also, could you remove your support key from your post? Your support key should only be shared with our support team. Thanks!

Already tried more than once. I even tried verifying the card with my bank. It’s something about the app itself as purchases from other apps seem to work fine. (and VIP seems to be purchasable in this game for some reason)

I’ll take a screenshot of what’s happening, hang on a sec

This is what happens.

It’s possible that you might have a restriction on the amount you can spend through in-game purchases on your card. Are you able to purchase a lower amount of in-game cash or does this happen with every purchase?

Nope I wasn’t. I’m talking with apple support right now. We’re trying to get things straightened out.

So turns out it was something on Apple’s end that was causing my purchase issues. Apple has since fixed it so now I can buy things.

Hey Justin_Harris, I’m happy to hear that you were able to get this issue fixed! :slight_smile:

Apparently one of their security routines was acting funny so they adjusted it for the game.

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