Can't access because it is on Private Land


Why would a special event area show up in the middle of School grounds (I. e. Private land) as schools are closed for the summer break and there is no public entry???


I had a worse one show up in the middle of a construction site! I flagged it! I hope they change it! If not I will go buy my hard hat and get ready for the next one!! :joy::joy::joy:


I always thought School yards and playgrounds are same as public parks… at least Public Schools… interesting. It doesn’t look like it’s in a building.


I suppose they probably don’t know where every school is in the world :woman_shrugging:t2:


There’s three supply drops in Army’s area!


Soldiers gotto play more than war games!

I played a different game for a long time, and in my alliance you’d be surprised how many military personnel were in the game, having to do something while stationed in the middle of nowhere. I wouldn’t recommend them walking around looking for dinosaurs that spawned in mine-fields, but they need some fun too!


Hey Bobbi_Elman, if you think there’s a problem with a Supply Drop, you can report the location to our staff by tapping on the flag icon at the upper right corner when you click on the Supply Drop. If you’re still having issues, you can send the location information of the Supply Drop to our staff here at with your support key included in the email.


Except for the fact that I can’t get near the event at all because as I said it is on school grounds and Schools Are Closed! This school is surrounded by a 8foot gate. There is No accessing the area to get near enough to tap it.


As you can see here.


Hey Bobbi_Elman, as long as you can see it on your map, you should be able to tap on the Supply Drop or the Strike Event no matter the location you’re at, you won’t be able to interact with it. However, you can still tap on the flag to report the location.


Great thanks so much. Appreciate it


Your first screen shot shows one about 3 blocks away… have you walked, biked or driven to that one yet? That’s what I’d do.


My home backs onto the grounds. I was actually in my back garden when I took the screenshot. Meters away and at the 8 foot gate actually


Ah, I see. That’s how I feel, I posted some screenshots I took from my house and from my work… 4-5 Rares just out of reach… curses!


Ned, tried reporting it 3 times. Says it isn’t connecting so I will try again later. My gps is set to accurate and yet in the game I’m all over the place. Maybe the tropical storm at the edge of the UK and torrential rain isn’t helping


Hey Bobbi_Elman, the location can also be reported by sending the following information to our support team at

  • The country the park/school is located in

  • City, town, or neighbourhood the park/school is located in

  • Longitude and Latitude coordinates of the park/school

  • Park/school name

Make sure to include your support key in the email as well.


Still cannot report


Hey Bobbi_Elman, you might have to check back later and see if you’re able to report the location using the in-game feature, our team is still looking into that right now. However, a report can also be made by sending an email to our support team at and following the instructions I’ve provided in the previous post above.


i got through via email. thanks


You know what? I’m done. I reported it via email as suggested because reporting “in game” didn’t and still Does Not Work. Followed your instructions Ned, only to receive a reply telling me to report it “in game” !!! Seriously ?! I won’t bother next time. Thinking of deleting the game anyway as it really isn’t fun as it was when I started virtually the day it was released.