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Can't access game

So after the new Samsung update, Titans won’t load. We get to the login screen, and all we get is the spinning circle, but never farther. We’ve tried uninstalling the game, no help. We can play from other people’s devices, but not our own. Suggestions?? (And PS, there are 3 of us…)

Three of you as in you all have three separate devices, which are all Samsung, and none of them will load the game? Are they all the same model?

I’m downloading the game now on my roommate’s Samsung Galaxy to see if there’s any problem, and I’ll update with more info after.

EDIT: Okay, I didn’t have any problem installing or running it. In fact it ran ridiculously smooth and fast compared to my own phone >_> kinda…jealous. Thought mine was fine. (The reason that it worked fine on hers is probably because she’s terrible about keeping up with updates on her phone lol)

Also I made the mistake in initially thinking you said the Titans update, not the phone’s update. So it makes a bit more sense if something happened to cause the game to not work. It’s unfortunately not super uncommon for OS updates to cause problems with apps/programs.

From what I’m aware, I’m pretty sure Samsung is one of the groups that doesn’t make it easy to rollback updates. And it’s not really something recommended anyway, as it’s a security risk. In this case, one usually just has to hope for a hotfix to their update, or an update on the dev team’s end for the game that’s suddenly non-compatible. Whoever notices and cares enough to jump at it first.

And if it’s from Samsung’s end, it wouldn’t be focused on this one app, it would be focused on a problem that’s more widespread that probably was what affected this app. I haven’t personally heard of these things fixing themselves without an update of some sort from either end, but maybe it does happen?

You can still write into support, though! They’ll want to know. It’s a pretty serious issue if a big part of their player base can no longer access the game.

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Still at the beginning of the game. This needs to get fixed. I’m no where near the beginning. I’m going for my last star for the light fury and I don’t want to start over. I’ve spent too much time and money on this game

Uninstalled and reinstalled the game! Not at the beginning anymore but still wont go past the login screen. Same circle not loading!!!

I understand your frustration, as this is something that is all the more irritating during an event, but unfortunately, everything I said before still stands if you’re having the same issues as the OP.

You’ll need to get in contact with support, but honestly, it sounds like an issue that was born from Samsung’s OS update, one only a hotfix will fix- from either Samsung or the Titan’s team. I hope I’m wrong, and it can be fixed sooner, but that’s what appears to be the case.

I have an LG and I cannot connect to the game either. I don’t think It’s just a Samsung update bug, I’ve tried un-installing and reinstalling, and I still get a time out error whenever I try and log in. It’s like Google play and the game server aren’t connecting

I both have an LG and connect using Google Play as well. I haven’t been having any issue logging into the game or any connection issues, though. I just logged in as of typing this to make sure this wasn’t a new problem since this morning, and I’m doing fine :confused:

How long have you been having these connection issues? Have you played any other games you’re connected to via Google Play? I tried looking to see if there was a way to just log out of the account and log back in, but it doesn’t look like that’s possible without deleting your account entirely. Which is…ridiculous.

You could try restarting your phone? It may be an issue with storage, but that’s honestly a long shot. If you go the route of restarting your phone, go overboard with it. Like, go to App Info, clear the cache, clear the data (only because you are connected via GP), uninstall the game, and then restart the phone. Then reinstall the game. It’s overzealous and some steps are probably unnecessary, but there’s nothing to lose.

Write down your support key, if you can load long enough to get it, just to have it handy though. If, in the worst case you need to still contact support, it will make it easier for them to find your account. And their email is

I really hope it works out for you!

I was able to login before noon yesterday but then after that I got the loading issue. I’ll have to try your recommendation. I also sent a ticket into support to see if they had any thoughts. Luckily ive basically memorized my key after having stared at the login screen for a year!

I have my support key memorized too, by now :sweat_smile: not so certain that’s necessarily a good sign. But let me know if the restart works, should you end up trying it! :crossed_fingers:

I’m trying for the third time after that I’m done!!!

Ludia doesn’t work weekends

Yes the do work the weekend as I just got a ticket response 1 hour ago.

You’re the first person I’ve ever heard of getting any response on the weekend. This post wasn’t even dealt with until monday

I’m having problems with the game. It’s stuck at the loading page for more than 2 days now. Was able to access the game for a while 12 hours ago and now it’s back to being stuck at the loading page. Sent an email to the support team but have not received any response.

Also, recently i joined up a new clan but after joining the new clan, it kept on saying that the game was out of sync with the server and it went on forever to reload but nothing happens. This was when I was able to access the game.

I updated this afternoon and now I can’t login either. I’m stick in a loop where it keeps asking me to login. I click on the Google login and then I get asked to login again.

Edit: I’ve been trying various things all afternoon. Ultimately I think the fix was a couple of Google updates. I’m in now.

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