Can't access my account anymore



When I started the game after the last update I was ask to choose a username, all my progress was gone. Connecting to Google play or Facebook was the same. I was playing on a guest session before, which I cannot access anymore. I really need your help ludia in order to access my progress again. Thank you


If you were always playing in guest mode the only possible way they can help you is if you have the game key that is all letters at the bottom of the opening screen


Hi Rolybert,

I never wrote down the support key, but I can tell you my user name and when I did my last paid transactions. Can you restore my support key with that? Is there any way I can find out my key without being able to access the game?

Thank you


I am not with support just letting you know what you would need.

contact them at


Hey Rene_Schonfelder, I’m sorry to hear that happened. Reach out to our support team at with the gamertag from your old game and your new support key to see if they’re able to find you in their system.