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Can't add friends

I have several friend requests, and whenever I click accept, nothing happens. If I decide to tap decline, of course, it works beautifully.

Occasionally, I’ll get the accept button to go through, only for the person I’m adding to tell me it’s still pending on their end. Sure enough, when I restart, it’s asking me to add them again.

I have tried restarting the app and I’ve also tried removing inactive friends, nothing works.

the max friends you can have is 50. so if either you or the requester have 50 friends, it won’t go through.

I have 75… But yesterday it accepted new friends to the list?

weird. i was told the max was 50. It may be that so many people are friending each other that the server just can’t keep up. i had trouble accepting people before as well.

I believe I had 64 friends last I checked. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Yeah it seems like there are certain people I can’t accept, but they can accept other people :thinking:

Can’t accept either. 60+ friends.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

Now I can’t remove friends either! My entire friends list is glitched.