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Can't battle ever since 1.7

I cannot battle at the arena or anywhere at all because I get a message saying match timeout and my game laggs more than ever.

Hey Dinosaur_12, could you try some of the troubleshooting steps here and see if it helps: Lost a battle I was winning

If you’re still having problems after trying those steps, our support team could take a closer look if you contact them here at with your support key.

I have had this since 1.7 dropped too. I think it is a matchmaking issue as I find that if I keep tapping Battle, I do get one probably ever 12 or so attempts. Friendly battles though don’t work at all for me though,

Hey Colin, we’re really sorry this is happening to you and we’d appreciate it if you wrote in to our support and made the team aware of this issue!

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@Ren I already have done. We have been talking for the last couple weeks via email. I was told they are working in a server fix to hopefully resolve these issues. :+1: