Can't beat 'em, join 'em! A new experiment

So not too long ago I dropped to 60 trophies and climbed all the way back to 4800. Partly because I was bored, but I also wanted to play with the new matchmaking. (short version, it sucks). Like I said, I got to 4800, and my previous 5400+ team stalled out and couldn’t go any higher. Time for a new test.

I put in all the usual suspects. Some L30’s, but others down around L25 since I never cared to level them up. I presently sit at 4493 in Lockwood. I’m off tomorrow and will be battling quite a bit. It will be interesting to see where I go. Could be up, could be down… or most likely I’ll just tread water and stay between 4500 and 4700 as I have been.

The only real issue will be some of the generic heavy hitters aren’t boosted to high heaven.

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Ok, tomorrow (Tuesday) morning I’ll be able to boost the health of my magna. I think I should put it in, but who to replace? My first thought is Thor, since it isn’t really that boosted to be useful, but would appreciate some opinions.

NOTHING can replace Thor ….

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I’d replace the L30 spino.
May ease up the match making a bit.

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Oooh! Good idea.

I agree with @W1ckety; Magna is a beast :slight_smile:

Replacing spino with magna definitely changed matchmaking.

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For the better?
What are you up against now and what level is the Magna?
Do you have a low level Dilo to replace the L30 Indo?
(This is the most interesting thread in awhile. LOL)

Dilo is 27, magna 25.

Most things seem to average 23 to 28 now. Though I can’t say for sure I don’t think I’ve seen a 30 since the change.

I also took out 27 thor for 28 Indo.

Been busier than I thought I would be today so haven’t battled as much as expected, but made it up to about 4750 pretty easily since the switch.

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Well, so far this is what I’ve observed.

My previous team (not the one posted above, but the one I used to play) held me around 4500-4600 trophies, sometimes, with RNG on my side I’d hit 4700 or so. That team had an average level of 29.25 - no thor, no tryko, no utarinex, no magna, no dilo, no erlidom.

I lowered my team level to 27.25, and added tryko, magna, and utarinex - only two of which are minimally boosted, maybe tier one or two.

I now average between 4800 to 4900. By lowering my team strength I climbed in trophy count. Again - I MADE MY TEAM WEAKER and climbed higher.

Some incentive to progress, huh?

It begs the questions, why? How does that even work? and finally -

DOES THIS SOUND RIGHT TO YOU? (@Ludia_Developers … this is a direct question to you)

HEY! 2 hours and it made it up!

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Put up a new post but since I @ the developers directly it got auto flagged… it’s been over 1/2 an hour now. Let’s see if they ever put it up…

EDIT - going on an hour now…
EDIT - hour and half…
EDIT - and two hours. My guess is it’s not going to show up. Classy. Real classy.
EDIT - shortly after the above edit the post showed up.

Basically my hidden post said that through experimenting I have gained and sustained a roughly 200 trophy higher count by LOWERING my team average (29.25 to 27.25).

I made my team weaker and climbed in the standings.

I reached to 4997 trophies and then got some bad rng and now down to 4800 something. Gonna change and try again

This is what’s happening. The weaker teams get “matched” with other weak teams and they easily climb up. If you have a good team you will be stuck as a yo yo. Makes sense to reward people with lower leveled dinos doesn’t it?