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Can't believe i just won that

I just went against a team of level 14 Glythronax, level 13 Dracorex, and level 15 Parasaura (can’t remember the exact levels but was somewhere close to this). My team was a level 20 Stegosaurus level 20 Zhejiangopterus, and level 1 Mastodonsaurus (my best creatures). My average ferocity was 1123.4 while theirs basically doubled mine. Still managed to win the battle. If their Dracorex was 1 level higher and could two shot my Mastodon I would’ve lost.


A lot of the times when the opponent outclass you by a lot, they get cocky and they make lots of stupid mistakes. Take advantage of that and you will have a chance to win.

Opponents are all bots


The opponents are bots. When my mastodonsaurus was 1 hit away from death, the opponent would always go one 3 attack and 1 block/reserve. Literally got me 4 extra turns from that.

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That’s the old Boss behavior some of us speak about. It sure is nice when the AI uses it and you notice and are able to take advantage of it